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Beam Expander

The Ronar-Smith® Beam Expander demands the highest beam broadening and collimation quality without compromising on the...

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Beam Shaper

Laser beam shaping is a potential technique to optimize laser-material processing applications in improving the surface...

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Bessel Lens

A bessel lens consists of axicon lenses and two sets of focusing lenses. The collimated light...

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F-Theta Scan Lens

Ronar-Smith® F-Theta Scan Lenses are meticulously designed and crafted for a broad range of laser applications....

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IR Objective Lens

The infrared objective lens is an integral part of the infrared vision system, which is used...

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Laser Attenuator

A laser attenuator is an optical device capable of reducing the optical power or intensity of...

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Laser Calroimetry

MatCalorie™ is the world’s first commercial absorption measurement system for optical components. In compliance with the...

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Laser Dazzler

The laser dazzler is a new type of instrument that temporarily disables its target with flash...

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Laser Rangefinder

The laser rangefinder module has the capability to measure a target distance and send the distance...

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Most surfaces of optical components display isotropic polarizability. However, the non-normal incidence may break the symmetry,...

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Micro-Lens Array

Micro-lenses are sub-micrometer lenses (often up to 10 microns), typically made with fused silica due to...

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Mid-IR Borescope

Mid-IR borescope is an imaging instrument with customizable requirements for clear inspection of hard-to-access areas, such...

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Mid-IR Spectrometer

Mid-IR regime is proven to have rich absorption “finger-prints” of materials, demonstrated by benchtop measurement tools,...

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Short-wave infrared (SWIR) light is a second of the electromagnetic spectrum typically in the 0.9μm to...

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UV Lens Detectors

When high-voltage equipment discharges electricity, arc discharge may occur depending on the electric field strength, during...

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Variable Beam Splitter

Precision laser applications require fine power control. A variable beam splitter with a large dynamic range...

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