Consumer Optics

Consumer optics are designed to improve the life of people. Wavelength Opto-Electronic offers plastic or glass molded lenses for consumer electronics (autonomous vehicles, drone cameras, bar code scanners etc.) and the medical field (endoscope lenses). We also manufacture sniper scope lenses used in tactical sports applications.


MICRO-LAM Diamond Turning Laser Assisted Tools

Custom Optics

Unable to find off-the-shelves optics for your specific requirements? Check out our custom optics manufacturing capabilities and start customizing your optics with us now.

Zemax OpticStudio Software

Optical Design

Our optical design team is comprised of experienced and talented optical designers who specialize in creating custom optical designs for a wide range of applications.

System Customization

System Customization

Looking for high-quality photonics solutions and customized systems? our R&D team is equipped with years of experience and deep expertise in customizing your system.

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