Laser Optics

Laser optics encompasses the design, fabrication, and characterization of laser optical components and systems at a particular or broad scale of wavelengths of UV, Visible, and IR spectral regions that manipulate laser light to use in several industries. This includes the development of laser lenses, optical mirrors, prisms, optical windows, filters, DOEs, beam splitters, and other optical components.

Laser optics play a crucial role to focus, transmit, reflect, and altering/modify laser beams in achieving specific tasks. They are carefully designed and integrated to control the laser beam’s properties, enabling precise and efficient use of laser technology in various applications across different fields like laser cuttinglaser weldinglaser marking and engravinglaser material processinglaser medical treatmentlaser scanning, fiber optics, laser spectroscopy, defense and security, and biomedical imaging.

Optical Systems

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Precision Optics


MICRO-LAM Diamond Turning Laser Assisted Tools

Custom Optics

Unable to find off-the-shelves optics for your specific requirements? Check out our custom optics manufacturing capabilities and start customizing your optics with us now.

Zemax OpticStudio Software

Optical Design

Our optical design team is comprised of experienced and talented optical designers who specialize in creating custom optical designs for a wide range of applications.

System Customization

System Customization

Looking for high-quality photonics solutions and customized systems? our R&D team is equipped with years of experience and deep expertise in customizing your system.