Laser Optics

Our range of laser optics comprises of finest performing laser optical components at a particular or broad scale of wavelengths of UV, Visible, and IR spectral regions to use in medicine, biology, spectroscopy, metrology, automation, and several other industries. Wavelength Opto-Electronic offers laser lens, optical mirror, filter, optical window, prism, DOE, and many more laser optical components to focus, transmit, reflect, and alter/modify laser beams. We also provide modules like laser rangefinder, laser cleaning, cutting, welding head, and laser remote tool for industrial applications.


Laser optics encompasses the design, fabrication, and characterization of optical components and systems that manipulate laser light. This includes the development of lenses, mirrors, prisms, filters, beam splitters, and other optical components that are used to control the properties of laser light, such as its intensity, wavelength, polarization, and direction. 

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