Vision Camera

Vision Camera Area Scan Camera

Part NumberResolutionFrame Rate (fps)Bit depthInterfaceSensor TypePixel Size (µm)Sensor SizeShutter TypeColor Type
ASC-75GP-4.8SGM1280 x 102475.010GigE, POECMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono
ASC-18GP-2.4SRM3072 x 204818.012GigE, POECMOS2.401/1.8″RollingMono
ASC-50GP-4.8SGM1920 x 120050.010GigE, POECMOS4.802/3″GlobalMono
ASC-10GP-1.67SRM3840 x 274810.012GigE, POECMOS1.671/2.3″RollingMono
ASC-23GP-3.45SGM2448 x 204823.012GigE, POECMOS3.452/3″GlobalMono
ASC-300GP-4.8SGM640 x 480300.010GigE, POECMOS4.801/4″GlobalMono
ASC-23GP-2.2SRM2592 x 194423.012GigE, POECMOS2.201/2.5″RollingMono
ASC-5.8GP-2.4SRM5472 x 36485.810GigE, POECMOS2.401″RollingMono
ASC-120G-4.8SGM800 x 600120.010GigECMOS4.801/3.6″GlobalMono
ASC-30GP-3.75CGMC1280 x 96030.014GigE, POECCD3.751/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-54G-3.75SGMC1280 x 96054.012GigECMOS3.751/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-60G-4.8SGM1280 x 102460.010GigECMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono
ASC-60GP-4.8SGMC1280 x 102460.010GigE, POECMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-22GP-2.9SRM1920 x 108022.010GigE, POECMOS2.901/2.8″RollingMono
ASC-22GP-2.9SRC1920 x 108022.010GigE, POECMOS2.901/2.8″RollingColor
ASC-12GP-2.2SRM2592 x 194412.010GigE, POECMOS2.201/2.5″RollingMono
ASC-23G-2.2SRMC2592 x 194423.012GigECMOS2.201/2.5″RollingMono/Color
ASC-18G-2.4SRM3072 x 204818.012GigECMOS2.401/1.8″RollingMono
ASC-18G-2.4SRMC3072 x 204818.012GigECMOS2.401/1.8″RollingMono/Color
ASC-10GP-1.67SRM3840 x 274810.012GigE, POECMOS1.671/2.3″RollingMono
ASC-9GP-1.85SRMC4000 x 30009.012GigE, POECMOS1.851/1.7″RollingMono/Color
ASC-5.8GP-2.4SRMC5472 x 36485.810GigE, POECMOS2.401″RollingMono/Color
ASC-201U-4SGMC1280 x 1024201.010USB 3.0CMOS4.001/2.7″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-33U-3.75CGMC1280 x 96033.014USB 3.0CCD3.751/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-120U-2.9SRC1920 x 1080120.010USB 3.0CMOS2.901/2.8″RollingColor
ASC-60U-2.4SRMC3072 x 204860.010USB 3.0CMOS2.401/1.8″RollingMono/Color
ASC-30U-1.85SRMC4000 x 300030.010USB 3.0CMOS1.851/1.7″RollingMono/Color
ASC-20U-2.4SRMC5472 x 364820.010USB 3.0CMOS2.401″RollingMono/Color
ASC-300GP-4.8SGMC640 x 480300.010GigE, POECMOS4.801/4″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-200GP-4.8SGMC800 x 600200.010GigE, POECMOS4.801/3.6″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-75GP-4.8SGMC1280 x 102475.010GigE, POECMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-50GP-4.8SGMC1920 x 120050.010GigE, POECMOS4.802/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-20GP-4.8SGMC2592 x 204820.010GigE, POECMOS4.801″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-4GP-2.5SGMC5120 x 51204.012GigE, POECMOS2.501.1″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-815U-4.8SGMC640 x 480815.010USB 3.0CMOS4.801/4″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-545U-4.8SGMC800 x 600545.010USB 3.0CMOS4.801/3.6″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-208U-4.8SGMC1280 x 1024208.010USB 3.0CMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-150U-4.8SGMC1920 x 1200150.010USB 3.0CMOS4.802/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-60U-4.8SGMC2592 x 204860.010USB 3.0CMOS4.801″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-14U-2.5SGM5120 x 512014.012USB 3.0CMOS2.501.1″GlobalMono
ASC-37.8L-4.8SGMC1920 x 120037.810CameraLinkCMOS4.802/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-300GP-6.9SGMC720 x 540300.012GigE, POECMOS6.901/2.9″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-77GP-3.45SGMC1440 x 108077.012GigE, POECMOS3.451/2.9′GlobalMono/Color
ASC-66GP-9SGMC1604 x 110066.012GigE, POECMOS9.001.1″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-38.7GP-5.86SGMC1920 x 120038.712GigE, POECMOS5.861/1.2″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-36GP-3.45SGMC2048 x 153636.012GigE, POECMOS3.451/1.8″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-23GP-3.45SGMC2448 x 204823.012GigE, POECMOS3.452/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-17GP-4.5SGMC3208 x 220017.012GigE, POECMOS4.501.1″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-13GP-3.2SGM4096 x 216013.012GigE, POECMOS3.201/1.1″GlobalMono
ASC-13GP-3.45SGMC4096 x 216013.012GigE, POECMOS3.451″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-9GP-3.45SGMC4096 x 30009.012GigE, POECMOS3.451.1″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-9GP-3.2SGM4096 x 30729.012GigE, POECMOS3.201″GlobalMono
ASC-349.4L-6.9SGMC720 x 540349.410CameraLinkCMOS6.901/2.9″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-188L-3.45SGM2048 x 1536188.010CameraLinkCMOS3.451/1.8″GlobalMono
ASC-150L-3.45SGMC2448 x 2048150.010CameraLinkCMOS3.452/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-30.2L-3.45SGM2448 x 204830.212CameraLinkCMOS3.452/3″GlobalMono
ASC-20L-3.45SGM4096 x 300020.012CameraLinkCMOS3.451.1″GlobalMono
ASC-18L-3.2SGM4096 x 307218.012CameraLinkCMOS3.201″GlobalMono
ASC-56L-3.2SGM4096 x 307256.012CameraLinkCMOS3.201″GlobalMono
ASC-439U-6.9SGMC720 x 540439.010USB 3.0CMOS6.901/2.9″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-38.7U-5.86SGM1920 x 120038.712USB 3.0CMOS5.861/1.2″GlobalMono
ASC-164U-5.86SGMC1920 x 1200164.010USB 3.0CMOS5.861/1.2″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-120U-3.45SGMC2048 x 1536120.010USB 3.0CMOS3.451/1.8″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-35U-3.45SGMC2448 x 204835.012USB 3.0CMOS3.452/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-75U-3.45SGMC2448 x 204875.010USB 3.0CMOS3.452/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-40U-3.45SGMC4096 x 216040.010USB 3.0CMOS3.451″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-32U-3.45SGMC4096 x 216032.012USB 3.0CMOS3.451″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-30U-3.45SGMC4096 x 300030.010USB 3.0CMOS3.451.1″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-23U-3.45SGMC4096 x 300023.012USB 3.0CMOS3.451.1″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-B60H-4.8SGM1280 x 102460.010HCONCMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono
ASC-B25H-2.4SRM3072 x 204825.012HCONCMOS2.401/1.8″RollingMono
ASC-B30H-3.45SGM2448 x 204830.012HCONCMOS3.452/3″GlobalMono
ASC-B30H-3.45SGC2448 x 204830.012HCONCMOS3.452/3″GlobalColor
ASC-B120G-4.8SGM800 x 600120.010GigECMOS4.801/3.6″GlobalMono
ASC-B18G-2.4SRM3072 x 204818.012GigECMOS2.401/1.8″RollingMono
ASC-B60G-4.8SGM1280 x 102460.010GigECMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono
ASC-B10G-1.67SRM3840 x 274810.012GigECMOS1.671/2.3″RollingMono
ASC-B60U-2.4SRMC3072 x 204860.010USB 3.0CMOS2.401/1.8″RollingMono/Color
ASC-B60U-2.4SRC3072 x 204860.010USB 3.0CMOS2.401/1.8″RollingColor
ASC-B201U-4SGM1280 x 1024201.010USB 3.0CMOS4.001/2.7″GlobalMono
ASC-B208U-4.8SGMC1280 x 1024208.010USB 3.0CMOS4.801/2″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-B30U-1.85SGM4000 x 300030.010USB 3.0CMOS1.851/3.6″GlobalMono
ASC-L9G-4.5SGMC4096 x 30729.010GigECMOS4.504/3″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-L4G-4.5SGMC5120 x 51204.010GigECMOS4.5023 x 23GlobalMono/Color
ASC-L4310G-4.5SGMC5120 x 512043.01010GigECMOS4.5023 x 23GlobalMono/Color
ASC-L6810G-3.45SGC4096 x 300068.01010GigECMOS3.451.1″GlobalColor
ASC-L4G-5.5CGM6576 x 43844.014GigECCD5.5036.2mm x 24.1mmGlobalMono
ASC-L3.5G-3.45SGMC6464 x 48523.512GigECMOS3.4522.3mm x 16.6mmGlobalMono/Color
ASC-L2.6G-4.5CGM8040 x 53602.614GigECCD4.5036.2mm x 24.1mmGlobalMono
ASC-L2.6G-4.5CGM8040 x 53602.614GigECCD4.5036.2mm x 24.1mmGlobalMono
ASC-L2.6G-3.2SGM9344 x 50002.610GigECMOS3.2029.9mm x 16.0mmGlobalMono
ASC-L1.7G-3.2SGM9344 x 70001.710GigECMOS3.2029.9mm x 22.4mmGlobalMono
ASC-L4.3L-5.5CGM6576 x 43844.314CameraLinkCCD5.5036.2mm x 24.1mmGlobalMono
ASC-L24.8L-3.45CGMC6240 x 484824.812CameraLinkCCD3.4522.3mm x 16.6mmGlobalMono/Color
ASC-L17.5L-3.2SGM9280 x 500017.510CameraLinkCMOS3.2029.9mm x 16.0mmGlobalMono
ASC-L12.6L-3.2SGMC9280 x 700012.610CameraLinkCMOS3.2029.9mm x 22.4mmGlobalMono/Color
ASC-L5.1L-3.76SRM14160 x 106405.112CameraLinkCMOS3.7653.4mm x 40.0mmRollingMono
ASC-L188P-5.5SGMC4096 x 3072188.012CoaXPress-6CMOS5.5022.5mm x 16.9mmGlobalMono/Color
ASC-L30P-4.6SGMC7920 x 600430.012CoaXPress-6CMOS4.6036.4mm x 27.6mmGlobalMono/Color
ASC-L6.1P-3.76SRM14160 x 106406.112CoaXPress-6CMOS3.7653.4mm x 40.0mmRollingMono
ASC-L90P-2.5SGMC5120 x 512090.012CoaXPress-6CMOS2.501.1″GlobalMono/Color
ASC-L150P-2.5SGMC5120 x 5120150.012CoaXPress-6CMOS2.501.1″GlobalMono/Color

Area Scan Camera is best known for its image acquiring ability of a part in the defined area. We offer a large selection of Area Scan Cameras of different resolutions having excellent image quality, compact size, cost-efficient and easy to install. They are ideal to use in industrial applications such as measurement, a high-speed inspection of parts, security and for many other purposes.

Resolution: 0.3MP – 151MP
Interfaces: GigE, CameraLink, CoaxPress-6, USB 3.0
Sensor Types: CMOS, CCD
Shutter Types: Global, Rolling
Color Types: Monochrome, Color

Part Number Notation
Interface: GP-GigE, POE; G-GigE; U-USB3.0; L-CameraLink
Sensor Type: S-CMOS; C-CCD
Shutter Type: G-Global; R-Rolling
Colour Type: M-Mono; C-Color; MC-Mono/Color

Vision Camera Line Scan Camera

Part NumberResolutionLine Rate (Hz)Bit DepthInterfaceSensor TypePixel Size (µm x µm)Color Type
LSC-49K-G14SM2048 x 149K8GigECMOS14 x 14Mono
LSC-49K-G14SC2048 x 249K8GigECMOS14 x 14Color
LSC-25K-G7SM4096 x 125K8GigECMOS7 x 7Mono
LSC-25K-G7SC4096 x 225K8GigECMOS7 x 7Color
LSC-13K-G7SM8192 x 113K12GigECMOS7 x 7Mono
LSC-70K-L5SM8192 x 170K8CameraLinkCMOS5 x 5Mono
LSC-35K-L5SC8192 x 235K8CameraLinkCMOS5 x 5Color
LSC-70K-L7SM8192 x 170K12CameraLinkCMOS7 x 7Mono
LSC-140K-P5SM16384 x 4140K12CoaxPressCMOS5 x 5Mono

Line Scan Camera has only a single line of sensors to capture an individual line of the part at a faster speed in continuous motion. We offer fast and reliable Line Scan Cameras that are suitable for your high-speed systems. They are popular in use for scanning, printing and packaging applications of flat, long or cylindrically shaped parts.

Resolution: 2K – 8K
Interfaces: GigE, CameraLink
Sensor Type: CMOS
Colour Types: Monochrome, Color

Mini AX

Vision Camera High Speed Camera Mini AX

The Mini AX delivers exceptional light sensitivity, excellent image quality and flexible region of interest (ROI) features for customers who do not require the ultimate frame rate performance of the FASTCAM SA-X2 and SA-Z, but would benefit from the same high-end camera image sensor features.

1-Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor:
1024 x 1024 pixels at 2,000fps (Mini AX50)
1024 x 1024 pixels at 4,000fps (Mini AX100)
1024 x 1024 pixels at 6,400fps (Mini AX200)

Maximum Frame Rate:
170,000fps (Mini AX50 type 170K)
212,500fps (Mini AX100 type 200K)
540,000fps (Mini AX100 type 540K)
216,000fps (Mini AX200 type 200K)
540,000fps (Mini AX200 type 540K)
900,000fps (Mini AX200 type 900k)

Class Leading Light Sensitivity:
ISO 12232 Ssat
• ISO 40,000 monochrome
• ISO 16,000 color

Global Electronic Shutter:
1ms to 1μs independent of frame rate
(Mini AX200 model 900K only: 260ns shutter available subject to export control)

Dynamic Range (ADC):
12-bit monochrome, 36-bit color

Compact and Lightweight:
120mm (H) x 120mm (W) x 94mm (D)
4.72” (H) x 4.72” (W) x 3.70” (D)
Weight: 1.5Kg (3.30 lbs.)

Internal Recording Memory:
8GB, 16GB, or 32GB

Fast Gigabit Ethernet Interface:
Provides high-speed image download to standard notebook/PC

Flexible Frame Synchronization:
Frame rate may be synchronized to external unstable frequencies

High-G Rated:
Suitable for application in high-G environments; operation tested to 100G, 10ms, 6-axes

Fan Stop Function:
Remotely switch off cooling fans to eliminate vibration


Vision Optics Vision Camera NOVA

NOVA offers 12-bit image recording rates up to 12,800 frames per second (fps) at megapixel image resolution, and shutter speeds to 0.2µs. Recording rates to 1,000,000fps are available at reduced image resolutions. All of this available from a camera that is rugged, compact, lightweight, and provides the best light sensitivity in its class.

It includes an internal mechanical shutter to allow remote system calibration, a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet interface for camera control and high-speed image download, memory segmentation that allows recording into one memory partition while downloading from another, and compatibility with a number of industry-standard lens formats to allow the use of Nikon G-Type, C-mount and Canon EF lenses.

Furthermore, NOVA also features a sealed body design that prevents dust and corrosive particles from contaminating sensitive electronics. An optional FASTDrive SSD can be used for the download of images at up to 1GB per second.

Intuitive and feature-rich Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software is included with each FASTCAM NOVA camera. Also included is a Photron Device Control SDK that allows integration of the camera with user-specific software, and libraries for controlling the camera within a MATLAB® or LabView environment.

• 1024 x 1 024 pixel resolution
• 12,800fps at full resolution
• Global electronic shutter to 0.2µs (independent of frame rate)
• ISO 64,000 monochrome
• ISO 16,000 color
• Up to 64GB internal memory
• Optional removable solid state drive
• HD-SDI output
• Gigabit Ethernet connection

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