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Objective Lens

Product TypePart NumberApochromat LensN.A.WD (mm)Focal Length (mm)Resolution (µm)Depth of focus (µm)View (ɸ24)Wavelength (nm)
Objective LensNIR-5X-95-NA0.13-44.5NIR 5X0.1344.50402.5019.204.80532-1064
Objective LensNIR-10X-95-NA0.28-34NIR 10X0.2834.00201.204.302.40532-1064
Objective LensNIR-20X-95-NA0.29-31.3NIR 20X0.2931.30101.133.891.20532-1064
Objective LensNIR-20X-45-NA0.4-11NIR 20X0.4010.00100.802.001.20532-1064
Objective LensNIR-50X-45-NA0.55-8.2NIR 50X0.558.2040.601.100.48532-1064
Objective LensNIR-50X-95-NA0.67-10NIR 50X0.6710.0040.500.700.48532-1064
Objective LensNIR-100X-45-NA0.8-3.3NIR 100X0.803.3020.400.500.24532-1064
Objective LensNUV-20X-95-NA0.4-17.15NUV 20X0.4017.15100.842.101.20355
Objective LensNUV-50X-95-NA0.7-3.5NUV 50X0.703.5040.480.680.48355
Objective LensVIS-20X-95-NA0.29-30.8VIS 20X0.2930.80101.154.001.20400-800

Tube Lens

Part Number

EFL (mm)

WD (mm)

Housing Length (mm)





Objective Lens

Objective Lens Diagram

NIR (near-infrared) Apochromatic objective lens is an infinite optical system available in 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X and 50X magnification working in the spectral region of 532-1064nm. It is ideal for the co-axial vision for real-time monitoring, it is also used to repair the touch panel and the solar cell.

An Apochromatic NUV (near Ultraviolet) objective lens has a long working distance is used in the machine vision applications. It has a 200mm of tube lens focal length, 95mm of parfocal distance, and threading of M26 x 0.706. These lenses are available with us in 20X and 50X magnifications.

Tube Lens

Objective Lens Tube Lens Diagram

The Tube Lens is designed to use together with the objective lens for imaging applications. The Tube Lens acts as a secondary lens by allowing light to pass through the body of the tube as parallel rays from the objective lens. These parallel rays are focused by the tube lens to form an intermediate image with minimal aberration.

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