Vision Optics Eyepiece

Part NumberEFL (mm)Magnification Exit Pupil Position (mm)Back Working Distance (mm)Object Size (inch)Mount
E18-6X18.06X16.53.200.50M29 x 0.75
E20-12X20.912X25.02.110.61M29 x 0.75
E45-10X45.010X8.06.000.61M29 x 0.75
E50-10X-WC50.010X8.06.000.61M45 x 0.75
E52-10X52.010X7.02.000.61M29 x 0.75

The Eyepiece is to help users accelerate OLED micro display-based product development and design. It is suitable for 0.6’ and 0.5’ OLED microdisplays with SVGA pixels. The product can be easily applied to user product development and design. This ocular is mainly used in night vision device, helmets display products and gun sight applications.

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