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Photon Design has introduced many innovations to photonics modeling and now provides world-leading tools for the modeling of active and passive photonics components and circuits. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the partner of Photon Design brand of software for Malaysia and Singapore.​

FIMMWAVE Waveguide Mode SolversFIMMPROP Fully Vectorial Bidirectional Optical PropagationOmniSim FDTD and FETD Simulators for Nanophotonics and Plasmonics
An exhaustive suite of waveguide mode solvers including advanced finite-difference and finite-element solvers, fibre solvers and many more.A rigorous fully vectorial and bi-directional optical propagation tool based on EigenMode Expansion (EME). With a scattering matrix approach with an advanced taper algorithm this is the ideal tool for silicon photonics design!A unique propagation tool combining our state-of-the-art FDTD Engine with our innovative FETD Engine, ideal for modelling plasmonics. OmniSim comes with a user-friendly layout editor and a 2D FEFD (Finite-Element Frequency-Domain) solver ideal for fast optimisation.
CrystalWave Photonic Crystal Design SuiteEpipprop AWG and Echelle Grating ModelKallistos Automatic Design Optimisation
The ultimate photonic crystal design suite featuring our FDTD and FEFD Engines, a band solver and the most flexible layout editor for 2D and 3D photonic crystal lattices.For the modelling and optimisation of all your wavelength division multiplexing applications (WDM/DWDM), featuring the first commercial model and design environment for Echelle gratings and a high-performance AWG model.An advanced, user-friendly and utterly flexible automatic optimisation add-on compatible with our entire passive component design suite.
PICWave Photonic Circuit and Laser Diode SimulatorHarold Advanced Laser and QCSE Heterostructure Model
A unique active and passive Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) simulator including an advanced laser-diode and SOA model and a flexible design flow environment.Model the physics of your epitaxial laser hetero-structure with Harold! Harold can even model lateral carrier diffusion e.g. in hybrid lasers! Also includes a Quantum-Confined Stark Effect (QCSE) model.
Active FDTD with CrystalWave and OmniSimPICWave Photonic Circuit and Laser Diode Simulator
Model photonic crystal and other micro-cavity lasers.A unique active and passive Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) simulator including an advanced laser-diode and SOA model and a flexible design flow environment.

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