OptiNspec - Automated Optics Inspection (AOI) Machine

Designed for in-situ surface inspection of flat micro-optics packed in common gel box with printed grids (readily available in the market). Calibrated to inspect the scratch and digs on the optics surface accordingly to US Army standard MIL-PRF-13830B and equivalent visibility specification standard.

Our range of OptiNspec models:
AMF: Automatic Flat Micro-Optics Inspection machine
AOF: Automatic Flat Optics Inspection machine
MOF: Manual Flat Optics Inspection machine

The All New AMF103 - A Game Changer In The Optics Industry

Automated-Optical-Inspection-AOI-Machine-OptiNspec-AMF103-Photonics Singapore Optics Singapore

The all new OptiNspec AMF103, one of our break through technologies developed by our innovative engineers, can inspect more than one type of micro-lens.

Apart from flat optics, curved optics can also be inspected.

The AMF103 is also the first to be able to conduct lens dimension inspection as well as surface inspection.

It automatically detects the external dimensions of flat parts, such as length, angle, radius, roundness, etc., and also determines if the dimensions are qualified.

Additionally, it can distinguish the contour and size measurement of various complicated precision parts, and automatically classify the products according to shape.

Not to mention this machine comes with a user friendly design and GUI for intuitive machine operation, as well as an ergonomic design to help reduce employee fatigue.

AMF103 Benefits & Features

  • Automatic detection of dimension and surface defects of flat, curved and coated optics of different materials.
  • Allows in-situ batch inspection.
  • Inspect attributes < 2 sec/pc and Scratch & Dig < 6 sec/pc.
  • Reduce employee fatigue thus improving productivity.
  • User-friendly design and occupies less space being a table-top machine. 
  • Identification and separation of defective parts by visualizations.
  • Fast and accurate auto-generation of detailed reports in desirable formats.

We are also looking for international partners to distribute this cutting edge technology in your region.

Part NumberInspection TypeMax Tray Size (mm)Max Sample Dia (mm)Imaging Resolution (µm/px)Inspection Time (sec/pc)Applicable Optics
MOF100Manual-2614.0< 3(25mm dia sample)Flat, Mild Curved Optics (Regular)
AOF101Batch300 x 3002613.8< 3 (25mm dia sample)Flat, Mild Curved Optics (Regular)
AMF101Batch300 x 30052.4< 3 (4.5 mm dia sample)Flat, Mild Curved Optics (Micro)
AMF102Batch76.2 x 50.852.4< 5 (1.5mm x 1.5mm sample)Flat, Mild Curved Optics (Micro)
AMF103Batch150 x 150126.0< 6 (3.6mm x 3.6mm sample)Flat, Mild Curved Optics (Small)
AMF104Batch76.2 x 50.8122.5< 6 (1.5mm x 1.5mm sample)Flat, Mild Curved Optics (Small)

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