Optical Metrology

Optical Metrology AIM Series Optoeletric AutoCollimator

Optical Metrology AIM Series Optoeletric AutoCollimator

Part No.Focal Length (mm)ResolutionRepeatabilityAccuracy ±20″Accuracy ±900″Aperture (mm)Field of ViewWorking Range (m)Data Interface @ 5V
ACM-160-Base1600.02″0.10″0.3″0.5″304000″ x3250″8USB2.0
ACM-200-Base2000.02″0.10″0.3″0.5″30/553200″ x 2600″10/30USB2.0
ACM-300-Base3000.02″0.10″0.3″0.5″40/552100″ x 1700″20/30USB2.0
ACM-200-Std2000.01″0.03″0.1″0.3″30/553400″ x 2600″10/30USB3.0
ACM-300-Std3000.01″0.03″0.1″0.3″40/552230″ x 1700″20/30USB3.0
ACM-500-Std5000.01″0.03″0.1″0.3″601300″ x 950″30USB3.0
ACM-300-Pro3000.01″0.02″0.1″0.1″402230″ x 1700″20USB3.0
ACM-500-Pro5000.01″0.02″0.1″0.1″601300″ x 950″30USB3.0
ACM-200-Laser2000.30″0.50″1.0″1.0″303200″ x 2600″10USB2.0
ACM-300-Laser3000.10″0.30″0.5″0.5″402100″ x 1700″30USB2.0

Autocollimators measure small angles with high-precision and have stable performance, greater accuracy with easy accessibility. Wavelength Opto-Electronic offer multiples series of Autocollimator such as Base, Std, Pro and Laser based on the accuracy degree. The Laser series uses a laser source, and the others use a white light source. The Laser series has an additional field for CCD chip positioning for the laser high power property. They are useful for optical aligning, precision angle measuring, straightness, parallelism, squareness and flatness measuring purposes.

Part No.RC & EFL Centration Range (mm)Measuring AccuracyMax Sample Aperture (mm)Centration Measuring FixtureDimension (mm)
SCT-500±3 – ±500±1″100Electric motor drive,
V-shaped fixture
500 x 400 x 1100
SCT-1000±3 – ±1000±1″100Electric motor drive,
V-shaped fixture
500 x 400 x 1100
SCT-2000±3 – ±2000±1″100Electric motor drive,
V-shaped fixture
500 x 400 x 1100
ACT-500±3 – ±500±1″400Air bearing rotary table,
3-jaw chunk, 4-D regulator
500 x 400 x 1100
ACT-1000±3 – ±1000±1″400Air bearing rotary table,
3-jaw chunk, 4-D regulator
500 x 400 x 1100
ACT-2000±3 – ±2000±1″400Air bearing rotary table,
3-jaw chunk, 4-D regulator
500 x 400 x 1100

SCT series is used for centration measuring of single-lens with aperture less than 100mm using V-shaped fixture. ACT series is used for centring assembly and centration measuring of spherical and cylindrical optics of aperture less than 400mm (or can be customized) using air bearing turntable and 4-D regulator with high-precision and ultra-high accuracy.

Measuring Mode: Transmittance (RC: Radius Curvature) / Reflectance (EFL: Effective Focal Length)
EFL Accuracy: 0.1% – 0.3% @ 3-25mm / 0.03% – 0.1% @ 25 – 500mm / 0.1% – 0.3% @ 500-1000mm
Light: Cold Light & LED Light

Optical Metrology Focometer

Part No.Optical AxisEFL range (mm)BFL & RC range (mm)Parallelism Test AccuracyMax Sample Aperture (mm)On-Axis MTF Aperture (mm)Dimension
FMV-500Vertical±3 – ±500±3 – ±5001″80< 30500 x 400 x 1100
FMV-1000Vertical±3 – ±1000±3 – ±5001″80< 30500 x 400 x 1100
FMV-2000Vertical±3 – ±2000±3 – ±5001″80< 30500 x 400 x 1100
FMHT-500Horizontal, Turning light path±3 – ±500±3 – ±5001″80< 301350 x 300 x 460
FMHT-1000Horizontal, Turning light path±3 – ±1000±3 – ±5001″80< 301350 x 300 x 460
FHMT-2000Horizontal, Turning light path±3 – ±2000±3 – ±5001″80< 301350 x 300 x 460

Focometer is helpful for the measurement of EFL (Effective Focal Length), RC (Radius Curvature), BFL (Back Focal Length), On-axis MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) and Parallelism of optical components having aperture less than 80mm. WOE offers two versions (FMV &amp; FMHT) of Focometer based on the state of the Optical Axis (Vertical/Horizontal).

Optical Axis: Vertical/Horizontal, Turning light path
EFL Repeatability: 0.03% – 0.2%
EFL Accuracy: 0.1% – 0.3% @ 3 – 25mm / 0.03% – 0.1% @ 25 – 500mm / 0.1% – 0.3% @ 500 – 1000mm
BFL & RC Repeatability: 0.02% – 0.2%
BFL & RC Accuracy: 0.05% – 0.3%
On-Axis MTF Repeatability: ±0.02
On-Axis Accuracy: ±0.05
Light: Cold Light @ 546.1nm/LED Light

Optical Metrology Goniometer

Part No.Resolution Repeatability Accuracy Turntable Dia (mm)Air ConsumptionWeight (Kg)Data Interface
GM-Pro0.041″±0.5″±1″20080L/min45DB62, USB2.0
GM-Base0.24″±1″±3″20080L/min45DB62, USB2.0

Goniometer consists of a high precision air-bearing turntable, high accuracy angle sensor and an autocollimator. It is helpful in the absolute measurement of any dihedral angle from 0° to 180° and any 3-D turn angle from 0° to 360°, the beam bending angle of an optical device and the material refractive index. They are applicable in a high-precision test of a rectangular prism, pentagonal prism, polygonal prism and other optical prisms and all kinds of precision measurement blocks and also used in high-precision optical system debugging and the precise positioning of the space of an optical device.

Measuring Angle: Dihedral angle: 0° – 180° / Arbitrary angle: 0° – 360°
Turntable Diameter: 200mm
AutoCollimator Focal Length: 200mm
AutoCollimator Aperture: 30mm


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