HÜBNER Photonics T-SENSE® Terahertz Imager

The Terahertz Imager T-SENSE® visualizes enclosed hazardous substances precisely in letters as well as small parcels safely and effectively.

  • Terahertz waves for safe and fast scanning, no x-rays
  • High sensitivity
  • > 1000 letters/hour 
  • Max. object height of 5 cm
  • User friendly, mobile and flexible
  • Suitable for small offices to large postal centers

Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the partner of HÜBNER Photonics brand of terahertz imager for SingaporeMalaysia, and Thailand

Workload capacity (Value for standard resolution):
Envelopes per hour C4:1000
Envelopes per hour C5:2000
Envelopes per hour C6 (DL):3000
Electricity supply and surroundings:
Voltage:100 – 230 VAC
Frequency:50 – 60 Hz
Ideal operating temperature:10 – 45 °C
Power draw:< 100 Watt


Dimensions and weight:
Height67 cm
Width footprint:58 cm
Depth footprint:64 cm
Depth incl. Bands:136 cm
Weight:100 kg
Maximum dimensions of scanned object:
Width:275 mm
Height:50 mm

Terahertz Imager T Sense Diagram

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