FLUXiM Solar Cells & OLEDs

FLUXiM Solar Cells & OLEDs

We provide simulation software and measurement hardware for research and development of displays, lighting and perovskite/organic photovoltaic cells in industry and academia. Design and optimization of organic, quantum dots and perovskite solar cells and LEDs is possible with our products. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the authorised distributor of FLUXiM brand of products in Singapore.

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  • Simulation software for optical and electrical modeling of semiconducting devices. Designing LEDs & solar cells based on organic semiconductors, perovskites and quantum-dots.
  • Four different modules to simulate light emission, absorption, scattering, and charge transport.
  • Multithreading ensuring high-speed computation.
  • Fitting and optimization algorithms are included.
  • Outstanding track record: 15 years in industry and academia resulting in over 200 scientific publications. Sound materials & device models that have been successfully validated by dedicated experiments.
  • The Setfos-Paios Integration gives access to combined characterization/simulation in DC, AC, and transient regimes.

Laoss (large-area organic semiconductor simulation) is a powerful software package for the design, simulation, and optimization of large-area organic and perovskite solar cells and LEDs (displays, lighting panels, photovoltaic arrays).

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Paios performs a large variety of electrical and optical characterizations on organic, perovskite, and quantum-dot LEDs and solar cells with one click. Get consistent and precise measurement data, directly compare your results in the measurement software and speed up your R&D.

Phelos is an angular luminescence spectrometer to characterize light-emitting devices and thin films over varied emission and polarization angles. While traditional goniometric instruments focus on either electroluminescence (EL) or photoluminescence (PL), Phelos incorporates both measuring techniques in one table-top compact instrument. The Phelos software can be easily coupled to the powerful simulation software Setfos for data analysis, parameter extraction, and device modeling.

Litos is an advanced solar cell and LED stability lifetime measurement system. It has 32 parallel stressing channels distributed over 4 airtight weathering chambers. Each chamber has an individual temperature and illumination control. The wide range of stress conditions inside a highly-controlled experimental environment, full automation, and the possibility of interfacing Litos with Paios for in-depth degradation analysis make it a primary choice for researchers that want to understand the degradation behavior of organic, perovskite and quantum-dots based LEDs and solar cells.

Litos-Lite is a platform to perform parallel JV and stability measurements on organic and perovskite solar cells. This innovative characterization hardware is able to perform JV measurements on up to 56 parallel channels and stress the solar cells with either constant voltage or current. Individual MPP tracking is possible on each of the devices under stress. The temperature of the samples can be controlled to a maximum value of T = 150 °C.

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