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Part No.Description/Specifications
BEX-266-10X10x Beam Expander for 266nm
BEX-266-3X3X Beam Expander for 266nm 10-23mm, 69mmTL, M22x0.75
BXZ-355-0.5-1X-D10355nm zoom expander 0.5-1x, input 10mm Add Lock screws to fix the lenses
BXZ-355-1-3X-V1355nm Zoom 1-3X Beam Expander 8.5-23mm, 107mmTL, M24×0.75
BCF-30-5-355R650TFused Silica Beam Combiner, 30mmDia x 5mmThk, 355R/650T
SL-355-155-250355nm F-theta Scan Lens (Fused Silica) 155x155mm, 250mmFL, Input 10mm, M85x1
SL-355-180-295355nm F-theta Scan Lens (Fused Silica) 180x180mm, 295mmFL, Input 10mm, M85x1
SL-355-500-815355nm F-theta Scan Lens 500x500mm, 815mmFL, Input 10mm, M85x1
SL-355-650-1000355nm F-theta Scan Lens 650x650mm, 1000mmFL, Input 10mm, M85x1
BEX-355-0.6X0.6x Beam expander 355nm, CA=12mm with 2 lens fix screw
BEX-355-15X15X Beam Expander for 355nm Input Beam 1mm
BEX-355-1X1X Beam Expander for 355nm
BEX-355-2.5X2.5X Beam expander 355nm M30x1
BEX-355-2X22X Beam Expander for 355nm,6-23mm, 57mmTL, M22x0.75
BXZ-355-1-3X-A1355nm Zoom Beam Expander, 1-3X 20-38mm, 132mmTL, M38x0.75
BXZ-355-2-8X-QA355nm Zoom Beam Expander, 2-8x
TSL-355-50-103355nm Telecentric Scan Lens (Fused Silica) 50x50mm, 103mmFL, Input 9mm, M85x1
TSL-355-50-103-V1355nm Telecentric Scan Lens 50x50mm, 103mmFL, Input 9mm, M85x1
BXZ-405-1-3X-A1405nm Zoom Beam Expander 1-3x, 20-38mm, 132mmTL, M38x0.75, max. input 9mm
SL-405-320-570Q405nm F-theta Scan Lens 370x370mm, 570mmFL, Input 10mm, M85x1
BXZ-532-1.5-3X-G9532nm Zoom Expander, 1.5-3X Max. Input 8mm for 1.5X, 9mm for 3X
BXZ-532-1-3X-V2532nm Zoom Beam Expander, 1-3X 20-34mm, 110mmTL, M28x0.75
BCBK-1-3-532T650RBK7 Beam Combiner, 1”Dia x 3mmThk 532nmT/650nmR, 45° AOI
BS-532BB-6-W600-A425-700nm Beam Shaper, Input 6mm WD till 600mm, R<0.5%@425-700nm
SCM-22.86X25.4X2-GFused Silica Scan Mirror, 22.86×25.4x2mm R>99%@532nm, R>80%@635nm, 30-60°AOI
SL-532-150-254B532nm F-theta Scan Lens 254mmFL 150x150mm, 254mmFL, Input 10mm, M85x1
SL-532-165-255-D20532nm F-theta Scan Lens 165x165mm, 255mmFL, Input 20mm, M85x1
SL-532-225-410532nm F-theta Scan Lens 225x225mm, 410mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
SL-532-297-420-D15532nm F-theta Scan Lens 297x297mm 420mmFL Input 15mm M85x1
SL-532-44-100532nm scan lens 100mmFL, 40x40mm, M39x1
SL-532-60-100532nm scan lens 100mmFL, 60x60mm
TSL-532-50-120ATelecentric achromatic scan lens 532nm/635nm 120mmFL, 50x50mm
TSL-532-53-100532nm Telecentric Scan Lens 53x53mm, 100mmFL, Input 15mm, M85x1
TSL-532-70-100-D14532nm Telecentric Scan Lens 70x70mm, 100mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
BEX-532-10XI10X Beam Expander for 532nm 8-24mm, 86mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-532-1X532nm beam expander 1x
BEX-532-30X30X Beam Expander for 532nm 5-38mm, 124mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-532-6X26X Beam Expander for 532nm 5-17mm, 71mmTL, for RMI
BEX-532-8X18X Beam Expander for 532nm 6-16mm, 67mmTL, Fixed
BXZ-532-1-3X-A1532nm Zoom Beam Expander, 1-3X 20-38mm, 132mmTL, M38x0.75
BXZ-532BB-2-8V400-700nm Zoom expander 2-8x 12-33mm, 158.5TL, M29x0.75
TSL-532-60-150A532/625nm Achromatic Telecentric Scan Lens 60x60mm, 150mmFL, Input 15mm, 4-?190
WGE-100-3-10.6Ge window, 100mm Diax3mm Thk AR/AR@10.6um
WZ-0.5-2ZnSe Window, 0.5″Dia x 2mmThk, AR/AR@10.6μm
WZ-0.75X0.75X2.36ZnSe window 19.05mmx19.05mmx2.36mm, AR/AR@10.6um
WZ-0.75X0.75X2.36-BBZnSe flat window 19.05mmx19.05mmx2.36mm
WZ-12.5-10-BBZnSe flat window 12.5mmDiax10mmThk SQ 40-20s/d, SF l/4@633nm
WZ-12.5-2-BBZnSe flat window 12.5mmDiax2mmThk SQ 40-20s/d, SF l/4@633nm
WZ-12.5-3-BBZnSe flat window 12.5mmDiax3mmThk SQ 40-20s/d, SF l/4@633nm
WZ-12.5-5-BBZnSe flat window 12.5mmDiax5mmThk SQ 40-20s/d, SF L/4@633nm
WZ-1-2IZnSe Window, 1″Dia x 2mmThk AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
WZ-1-3iZnSe Window 1″Dia x 3mmThk, AR/AR@10.6um high power
WZ-180-6ZnSe window, 180mmDia 6mmThk, AR/AR@10.6um
WZ-20-2ZnSe Window, 20mmDia x 2mm Thk AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
WZ-40-3ZnSe Window, 40mmDia x 3mmThk AR/AR@10.6um
WZ-65X85X3-633Znse window 85mmx65mmx3mm AR/AR@10.6um & 633nm
WZ-80-3ZnSe Window, 80mmDia x 3mmThk AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
BS-10.6-12-W60010.6um Beam Shaper, Input:12mm Working Distance: 600mm
90RSI-1-3Si 90 Degree Phase Retarder 1″Dia x 3mmThk, HR@10.6μm
RSI-0.5-6Si Mirror 0.5″Dia x 6mmThk gold coating 45AOI
RSI-1-3-DBRSi Mirror, 1″Dia x 3mmThk HR@10.6um&650nm
RSI-15-4-PSilicon Mirror 15mmDiax4mmThk HR@10.6um,Gold Coating, 2nd surf: polished
RSI-1-6.35-BMRSi Mirror, 1″Dia x 6.35mmThk, High Power Coating R>99.5%@9.3-10.6um, R>80%@633-650nm, 0-45°AOI
RSI-1-6-BMRSi Mirror, 1″Dia x 6mmThk, High Power Coating R>99.5%@9.3-10.6um, R>80%@633-650nm, 0-45°AOI
RSI-30-3-BMRSi Mirror 30mmDia x 3mmThk, HR@10.6μm
BXZ-9.4-0.25-2X-V19.4um zoom expander 0.25-2x
BCZ-0.5-2ZnSe Beam Com. 0.5″Diax2mmThk 10.6umT650nmR, 45 AOI
BCZ-20-2-9.4ZnSe Beam Combiner, 20mmDia x 2mmThk 9.4umT/650nmR, 45°AOI
BCZ-25-3ZnSe Beam Combiner, 25mmDx3mmTk 10.6umT650nm, Side 1: T>99%@10.6um,45AOI,
SL1-10.6-30-80EGe PO/CX, Dia 50mm, CT=3.70mm ET=2.45mm
SL1-10.6-35-52Z1R10.6um Scan Lens, Single Element 35x35mm, 52mmFL, Input 7.9mm, M85x1
SL1-10.6-F100Z-48BCO2 ScanLens,ZnSe 70mmx70mm Single Element, EFL=100mm
SL1-10.6-F1191Z-48CO2 ScanLens,ZnSe 800mmx800mm Single Element, EFL=1191mm
SL1-10.6-F1650Z-48CO2 ScanLens,ZnSe1200mmx1200mm Single Element, EFL=1650mm
SL1-10.6-F430ZR-65CO2 Scan lens 65mmDia 430mmFL 300x300mm mounted M85x1
SL1-10.6-F50Z-25.4CO2 ScanLens, 25.4mmDia, 30mmx30mm Single Element, EFL=50mm
SL1-10.6-F50Z-35CO2 ScanLens, 35mmDia, 30mmx30mm Single Element, EFL=50mm
SL1-10.6-F52Z-48CO2 Scan Lens, FL=52mm 35x35mm, 48mmDia, CT=6mm
SL1-10.6-F573Z-62CO2 Scan Lens, FL=573mm 400x400mm, 62mmDia
SL2-10.6-110-150ZR10.6um Scan Lens, Double Element 110x110mm, 150mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
SL2-10.6-110-170GRCO2 Scan Lens, Double Element (GaAs) 110x110mm, 170mmFL, Input 10mm, M85x1
SL2-10.6-140-220GR10.6um Scan Lens, Double Element (GaAs) 140x140mm, 220mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
SL2-10.6-300-420AZR10.6um Scan Lens, ZnSe Double Element 300x300mm, 420mmFL
SL2-10.6-300-420GR10.6um Scan Lens, Double Element 300x300mm, 420mmFL, Input 11.8mm, M85x1
SL2-10.6-F200ZRCO2 Scan Lens, Double Element 140x140mm, 200mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
SL2-9.3-F560ZR-D309.3um Scan Lens, Double Element 400x400mm, 560mmFL, Input 30mm, M85x1
SL2-9.4-110-150ZR9.4um Scan Lens, Double Element 110x110mm, 150mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
SL3-10.6-50-8010.6um Scan Lens, Triplet Element 50x50mm, 80mmFL Input 14mm, M85x1, without window
TSL-9.4-65-1009.4um Telecentric scan lens 65x65mm, 100mmFL
BET0101.31.3x beam expander 10.6um, M30x1
BET0101.3-9.4UniBET 1.3X Beam Expander for 9.4um 23-28mm, 75.2mmTL, M30x1
BET0101.5-9.4UniBET 1.5x Expander 9.4um 23-28mm, 75.2mmTL, M30x1
BET0102UniBET 2X Beam Expander for 10.6um 13-28mm, 74.3mmTL, M30x1
BET0103A-9.4UniBET 3X Beam Expander for 9.4um 23-28mm, 69.9mmTL, M30x1
BET0104.0-LUniBET 4X Beam Expander for 10.6um
BET0104A-9.49.4um beam expander 4x
BET0107AUniBET 7x beam expander 10.6um 23-28mm, 79.1mmTL, M30x1
BET0108A-9.4UniBET 8X beam expander 9.4um 23-28mm, 77.4mmTL, M30x1
BET0109A-9.4UniBET 9x beam expander 9.4um M30x1
BET0110A-9.4UniBET 10X beam expander 9.4um 18-30mm, 88mmTL, M30x1
BEX-10.6-1X1X Beam Expander for 10.6um 16-18mm, 55mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-10.6-2.5A2.5X Beam Expander for 10.6um
BEX-10.6-2.5Z2I2.5X Beam Expander for 10.6um 15-20mm, 57.4mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-10.6-2L2X Beam Expander for 10.6um
BEX-10.6-2Z1I-BB2X Beam Expander for 10.6um
BEX-10.6-3B3X Beam Expander for 10.6um 12.5-20mm, 59mTL, Fixed
BEX-10.6-3Z3T3X Beam Expander for 10.6um 10-16mm, 37mmTL, M16x0.75
BEX-10.6-3Z5I3X Beam Expander for 10.6um 16-36mm, 75.5mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-10.6-4Z1I4X Beam Expander for 10.6um 10-20mm, 71mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-10.6-4Z44X Beam Expander for 10.6um
BEX-10.6-4Z54X Beam Expander for 10.6um 20mm-22.4mm, 57.2mmTL
BEX-10.6-5ZI5X Beam Expander for 10.6um 11-16mm, 61mmTL, M16x0.75
BEX-9.4-1X1X Beam Expander for 9.4um 16-18mm, 55mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-9.4-2X2X Beam Expander for 9.4um 16-23mm, 59mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-9.4-5X5X Beam Expander 9.4um fixed 13-23mm, 72mmTL
BEX-9.4-5Z1-V15x beam expander for 9.4um 13-21mm, 84mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-9.6-4Z1I4X Beam Expander for 9.6um 10-20mm, 71mmTL, M22x0.75
BXZ-10.6-0.25-2X10.6um zoom expander 0.25-2x
BXZ-10.6-0.25-2X-WC10.6um Zoom Beam Expander, 0.25-2X 23-30mm, 120mmTL, M50x1, Water Cool
BXZ-10.6-2-6X-A10.6um Zoom Beam Expander, 2-6X 18-28mm, 205-213mmTL
BXZ-9.3-0.5-3X-G89.3um zoom expander 0.5-3x, Galilean type max. input 8mm
BXZ-9.4-1-4X-G9.4um Zoom Beam Expander, 1-4X, galilean input 9mm
AL-62007ZnSe CX/PO LENS 1”Dia, 90mm(+/-2%)FL 2.2mmET
LZ-0.5-1-ET2ZnSe PO/CX lens, 0.5″Dia, 1“FL,ET=2mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-0.6-2-ET2-IZnSe PO/CX Lens, 0.6″Dia x 2″FL, ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um for high power
LZ-0.75+1-ET3ZnSe PO/CC Lens, 0.75″Dia x (-1″)FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-0.75+1-ET3-633ZnSe PO/CC lens, 0.75″Diax (-1″) FL,ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&633nm
LZ-0.75+2.5-ET2ZnSe PO/CC lens, 0.75″Diax (-2.5″) FL,ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um&633nm
LZ-0.75+2.5-ET3IZnSe PO/CC lens, 0.75″Diax (-2.5″) FL,ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&633nm
LZ-0.75-1-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens 0.75″Dia x1″FL ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-0.75-4-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens 0.75″Dia x 4.0″FL,ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-0.75-4-ET2-IZnSe PO/CC lens, 0.75″Diax 4″FL,ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um&633nm
LZ-0.75-4-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens 0.75″Dia x 4.0″FL, ET=3mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-0.75-4-ET3-IZnSe PO/CX Lens 0.75″Dia x 4.0″FL, ET=3mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-0.75-50-ET3-EZnSe PO/CC lens, 0.75″Diax 50mmFL,ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&633nm
LZ-0.75-5-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens 0.75″Diax5”FL ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1.1+3-ET3IZnSe PO/CC Lens 1.1″Dia x -3″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um HPO
LZ-1.1-1.5-ET3ZnSe PO/CX, 1.1″Dia x 1.5″FL, ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1.1-2-ET3ZnSe PO/CX, 1.1″Dia x 2″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1.1-3-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1.1″Dia x 3″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1.1-4-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens 1.1″Dia x4″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1.5-25-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens 1.5″Dia x25mmFL ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1.5-5-ET8ZnSe PO/CX Lens 1.1″Dia x5″FL ET=8mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1+171-ET4.3ZnSe PO/CC lens, 1″Diax (-171mm) FL,ET=4.3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1-1500-ET3-IZnse PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 1500mmFL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm, High Power
LZ-1-1-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 1″FL ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-12.5+0.6-ET2.6IZnSe PO/CC Lens 12.5mmDia x -0.6″FL,ET=2.6mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-12.5+0.75-9.6UMZnSe PO/CC Lens 12.5mmDia x -0.75″FL,ET=2.6mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-12.5+1.2-ET2.5ZnSe PO/CC Lens 12.5mmDia x -1.2″FL,ET=2.6mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-12.5+7.63-ET3.37ZnSe PO/CC Lens 12.5mmDia x -07.63mmFL,ET=3.37mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1-2000-ET3-IZnse PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 2000mmFL, ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm, High Power
LZ-1-2-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 2″FL ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1-2-ET3-IZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 2”FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um, High Power Coating
LZ-1-300-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 300mmFL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-15+0.6-ET3.-9.4ZnSe PO/CC lens, 15mmDia, ET=3.3mm,AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-15+0.75-ET3.1ZnSe PO/CC lens 15mmDia, CT=2mm, ET=3.1mm, R=-26.74mmCC, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-15+19.1-ET3.3ZnSe PO/CC, 15D,-19.1mmFL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-15+56-ET2.86ZnSe PO/CC, 15D,-56mmFL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1-5-ET2.5ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 5″FL ET=2.5mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1-6.17-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens,1″Dia x6.17″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-16-2-ET2-GZnSe PO/CX, 16D, 2″FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-17.5-1.5-ET2-9.4ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 17.5mmDia x 1.5″FL, ET=2mm,AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-17.5-2.0-ET2.1ZnSe PO/CX, 17.5D, 2″FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-18-119-ET2.2ZnSe PO/CX lens, 18mm(0/-0.2) Dia x 119.2mm FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-18-3-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 18mmDia x 3″FL, ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-20-200-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 20mmDia x 200mmFL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
LZ-20-38.6-ET3.5ZnSe PO/CX, 20D, 38.6FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-2-13-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens,2″Dia x13″FL ET=3mm , AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-22-3-ET2.2-9.6UMZnSe PO/CX, 22D, 3″FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-23.84+5-ET3ZnSe PO/CC, 23.84D, -5″FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-25+0.55-ET5.7-9.4ZnSe PO/CC Lens, 25mmDia x 3mmCT ET=5.74mm,AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-25+1.5-ET3.4ZnSe PO/CC, 25D, -1.5″FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-25+1-ET4.4-9.4ZnSe PO/CC lens, 25mmDia x FL=-1″, AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-2-5-ET4ZnSe PO/CX lens, 2″Diax5″FL, ET=4mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-2-5-ET7.9ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 2″Dia x 5″FL, ET=7.9mm, AR/AR@10.6μm
LZ-30-69.6-ET2.8-9.4ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 30mmDiax 69.65mmFL, ET=2.84mm,AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-50+406-ET3-9.4ZnSe PO/CC, 50D, -406FL, AR/AR@9.4um
LZA-80-118-ET3.2ZnSe aspheric CX/CX, Dia 80mm ET=3.2mm, EFL=118.81mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZC-12.5+8-CT2.5ZnSe CC/CC Lens, 12.5mmDia, -8mmFL, CT=2.5mm, ET=3.8mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZC-20+8.1-ET5.2-9.4ZnSe CC/CC lens, 20mmDia, CT=2.3,AR/AR@9.4um
LZC-25+10.9-9.4UMZnSe CC/CC, 25mmDia, CT=2mm,AR/AR@9.4um
LZC-25+10.9-ET5.6ZnSe PO/CC, 25D, -10.9FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZCY-0.5-278-ET3ZnSe cylindrical PO/CX, 0.5″D, 278FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZCY-25.4X25.4-305.8ZnSe cylindrical 25.4×25.4, FL=305.8, AR/AR@10.6um
LZCY-2-60.82-ET2.6ZnSe cylindrical PO/CX, 2″D, 60.82FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZCY-50.8X50.8-254ZnSe cylindrical 50.8×50.8, FL=254, AR/AR@10.6um
LZCY-50.8X50.8-88.9ZnSe cylindrical 50.8×50.8, FL=88.9, AR/AR@10.6um
LZDF-1.5-2.5/3.8ET2FZnSe deep focus PO/CX, 1.5″D, 2.5-3.8″FL, AR/AR@10.6um
LZDF-1-2.5/3.5-ET4-ADeep focus lens 1″Dia,polished FL=2.5″-3.5″, ET=3.1mm
LZM-0.75-1.5-ET2-9.4ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 0.75″Dia x 1.5″FL ET=2mm, AR/AR@9.4um&650nm
LZM-0.75-2-ET2ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 0.75″Dia x 2″FL ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-0.75-2-ET2-9.4ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 0.75″Dia x 2″FL ET=2mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZM-0.75-3-ET3ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 0.75″Dia x 3″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-0.75-5-ET3ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 0.75″Dia x 5″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1.1-1-ET3-9.4ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.1″Dia x 1″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZM-1.5-1.5-ET3ZnSe meniscus 1.5″Dia, 1.5″FL, 3mmET, A/AR@10.6um
LZM-1.5-1.5-ET3-9.4ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.5″Dia x 1.5″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZM-1.5-2-ET3-9.4ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.5″Dia x 2″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZM-1.5-3.75-ET6ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.5″Dia x 3.75″FL ET=6mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1.5-3-ET3ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.5″Dia x 3″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1.5-3-ET3-9.6ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.5″Dia x 3″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@9.6um&650nm
LZM-1.5-4-ET3ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.5″Dia x 4″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1.5-5-ET3-9.3ZnSe Meniscus, 1.5″Dia x 5″FL, CT=4mm ET=3mm
LZM-1.5-5-ET9ZnSe Meniscus, 1.5″Dia x 5″FL, ET=9mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1.5-6.5-ET3ZnSe Meniscus lens, 1.5Dia x 6.5″FL, ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1.5-8-ET3ZnSe Meniscus lens, 1.5Dia x 8″FL, ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1+31.67-CT3ZnSe Meniscus lens, 1″Dia, -31.67mmFL, CT=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1+62.78-CT3ZnSe Meniscus lens, 1″Dia, -362.78mmFL, CT=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1-100-ET3ZnSe Meniscus lens, 1″Dia x 100mmFL, ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1-100-ET3-9.4ZnSe CC/CX, 25.4mmDia FL=100mmFL, AR/AR@9.4um
LZM-1-102-ET3ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1″Dia x4″ FL, ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1-1-ET2ZnSe CC/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 1″FL, ET=2mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
LZM-1-1-ET3ZnSe meniscus lens,Dia1″x FL1″ ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-12.5+34.75-ET3.5ZnSe CX/CC Lens,12.5mmDia 3.5mmET, CT=3.5mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-12.5+8.9-ET3ZnSe CX/CC Lens,12.5mmDia, -8.9mmFL, ET=3mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1-2-ET2ZnSe CX/CC Lens, 1″Dia 2″FL, ET=2mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1-5-ET2.5ZnSe CX/CC Lens, 1″Dia 5″FL, ET=2.5mm,AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-1-8-ET3ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1″Dia x 8″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-19-2.5-ET2ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 19mmDia CT=2.5mm, ET=2mm, FL=2.5″, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-25+8.9-ET4.37ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 25mmDia, -8.9mmFL, ET=4.37mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-25+8.9-ET4.3-9.4ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 25mmDia, -8.9mmFL, ET=4mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZM-25-3-ET2.3ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 25mmDia, 3″FL, ET=2.3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-2-7.5-ET9.6ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 2″Dia x 7.5″FL ET=0.38″, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-30-3-ET2.5ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 30mmDia x 3″FL, ET=2.5, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-32-80.1-2.3-9.4ZnSe CC/CX lens, 32mmDia, CT=3.4mm,AR/AR@9.4um
SL1-10.6-F450Z-48ZnSe scan lens 10.6um, 48mmDia, 450mmFL, 320x320mm
SL1-9.4-F75Z-489.4um Scam lens ZnSe 48mmDia, EFL=75mm, 50x50mm
OCZ-0.75-2-70RZnSe output coupler 0.75″Dia x 2mmThk, 70%R/AR@10.6um
TSL-10.6-50-7510.6um Telecentric scan lens 75mmFL 50x50mm, input
LZ-17.5+1.2-E2.5-9.4ZnSe PO/CC Lens, 17.5mmDia (-1.2″)FL, CT=1.6mm,AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-17.5+1.5-ET3ZnSe PO/CC, 17.5mmDiax-1.5″FL, ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-17.5-1.5-ET2ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 17.5mmDia x 1.5″FL, ET=2mm , AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-17.5-2.3-ET2.5ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 17.5mmDia x 3mmCT, FL=2.3″, ET=2.53mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-25+37.46-ET3.3ZnSe CC/PO, 25mmDia, R1=-52.549mmCC, CT=2mm, R2=plano, ET=3.27, side 1: cut CA=23mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-25+4.4-ET3.5-9.4ZnSe CC/PO, 25mmDia, CT=3mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-30-6.6-ET3.5-9.4ZnSe PO/CX, 30mmDia, CT=4mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZ-30-77.9-ET3-9.4ZnSe PO/CX lens, 30mmDia xET3mm CT=4mm, AR/AR@9.4um
LZM-32-71-ET2.7ZnSe CC/CX Lens, 32mmDia, CT=4mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZX-25-24.5-ET1.7ZnSe CX/CX, 25mmDia, 4mmCT, ET=1.66mm, AR/AR@10.6um
SL1-10.6-F480Z-48CO2 scan lens,ZnSe 48mmDia EFL=480mm R1=-78.57mmCC,R2=72.07mmCX AR/AR@10.6um &650nm material: 48×8 BFL=480.4 M0000004146
SL1-10.6-F720Z-48ZnSe scan lens 10.6um, 720mmFL, 520x520mm, input 12mm
SL1-9.4-F100Z-48AZnSe Scan Lens 48mmDia, 9.4um 100mmFL, 70x70mm, input 12mm
WZ-75-3-9.4ZnSe Window, 75mmDia x 3mmThk AR/AR@9.4um
WZ-90-3ZnSe Window, 90mmDia x 3mmThk AR/AR@10.6um&633nm
FXY-D25-F100fiber laser cutting head FL=100mm CA=20mm, 500W
BET0104A-WCUniBET 4X beam expander 10.6um 23-28mm, water cool
BET0110AUniBET 10X beam expander 10.6um 18-30mm, 88mmTL, M30x1
WBK-100-2H-K9L, window, 100mmDia 2mmThk, AR/AR@1064nm&650nm
WFS-18-3Fused Silica window 18mmDiax 3mmThk AR/AR@1064nm
WFS-36-2fused silica window 36mmDia 2mmThk, AR/AR@1064nm
BXZ-1064-1.5-3X-G91064nm zoom beam expander 1.5-3x, Galilean type input 9mm
BXZ-1064-1-8X1064nm Zoom Beam Expander, 1-8X Max. Input 4mm for 1X, 2mm for 8X
BXZ-1064-2-8V1064nm Zoom Beam Expander, 2-8X 12-33mm, 157mmTL, M29x0.75
BXZ-1064-2-8V-011064nm zoom expander 2-8X
BXZ-1064-2-8X-A1064nm Zoom Beam Expander, 2-8X, 216mmTL, M34x0.75, max. input 6mm
SL-1064-107-1631064nm F-thta Scan Lens 107x107mm, 163mmFL, Input 12mm, M85x1
SL-1064-112-163A1064nm F-theta Scan Lens 112x112mm, 163mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
SL-1064-114-163R11064nm F-theta Scan Lens 114x114mm, 163mmFL, Input 15mm, M85x1
SL-1064-135-200-D201064nm F-Theta Scan Lens 135x135mm, 200mmFL, Input 20mm, M85x1
SL-1064-174-254G-M791064nm F-theta Scan Lens 174x174mm, 254mmFL, Input 10mm, M79x1
SL-1064-320-420-D301064nm F-theta Scan Lens 320x320mm, 420mmFL, Input 30mm, M85x1
SL-1064-65-125F-theta Scan Lens 1064nm 125mmFL, 65x65mm, input 15mm
SL-1064-70-100G1064nm F-theta Scan Lens, Opex 70x70mm, 100mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
SL-1064-70-100G-M791064nm F-theta Scan Lens 70x70mm, 100mmEFL, Input 10mm, M79x1
SL-1064-80-125-D151064nm F-theta Scan Lens 80x80mm, 125mmFL, Input 15mm, M85x1
SL-405-110-175Q405nm F-theta Scan Lens (Fused Silica) 110x110mm, 175mmFL, Input 6mm, M85x1
SL-980-109-160980-808nm F-Theta Scan Lens 109x109mm, 161/158mmFL, Input 12mm, M85x1
SL-980-170-250-D30808nm/980nm F-theta scan lens 250mmFL 170x170mm, input 30mm
SL-980-209-400-D20808nm-980nm F-theta Scan Lens 209x209mm, 400mmFL, Input 20mm, M85x1
SLF-1064-100-81064nm F-theta Scan Lens 60x60mm, 100mmFL, Input 8mm, M39x1
TSL-1064-126-216Telecentric scan lens 1064nm 216mmFL, 126x126mm
TSL-1064-66-125-D151064nm F-theta Scan Lens (Quasi TSL) 66x66mm, 125mmFL, Input 15mm, M85x1
BEX-1064-1.5X-C1.5X Beam expander 1030-1090nm, 12-24mm, 67.9mmTL, C-mount
BEX-1064-10X310X Beam Expander for 1064nm 8-48mm, 121mmTL, M30x1
BEX-1064-12A1064nm expander 12x
BEX-1064-15X1064nm expander 15x
BEX-1064-1X-V11X Beam Expander for 1064nm
BEX-1064-1X-V31x beam expander 1064nm max. input 8-9mm
BEX-1064-2X-C2X Beam Expander for 1030-1090nm 12-24mm, 67.9mmTL, C-mount
BEX-1064-3X13X Beam Expander for 1064nm, 10-33mm, 58±5mmTL
BEX-1064-3X3I3X Beam Expander for 1064nm 10-23mm, 59mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-1064-4XI4X Beam Expander for 1064nm 10-22mm, 82mmTL, M22x0.75
BEX-1064-5X15X Beam Expander for 1064nm 10-16mm, 56mmTL, M16x1
BEX-1064-6XI6X Beam Expander for 1064nm 5-22mm, 72mmTL, M22x0.75
SCM-18.3X24.6X3.2Si Scan Mirror, 18.3X24.6X3.2 mmthk,HR@1064nm,R>99%
SCM-21.3X38.9X3.2Si Scan Mirror, 21.3 x 38.9 x 3.2mmThk HR@1064nm, R>99%
SCM-6230-X-DBK7 X Mirror, 19.4mm x 14.7mm x 1.7mm Dielectric Coating, HR@1064/650nm
SCM-6230-Y-DBK7 Y Mirror, 28mm x 16.4mm x 1.7mm Dielectric Coating, HR@1064/650nm
LBK-0.5-160-ET2BK7 PO/CX, 0.5″Diax 160mmFL ET=2mm, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-0.5-25-ET2BK7 PO/CX Lens, 12.7mmDia x 25mmFL,ET=2mm,AR@1064nm
LBK-0.5-30-ET2BK7 PO/CX Lens, 12.7mmDia x 30mmFL,ET=2mm,AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-0.5-50-ET2BK7 lens, 0.5″Dia x 50mmFL ET=2mm, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-0.75-100-ET2.6BK7 PO/CX 0.75″D, 100mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-0.75-50-ET2.2BK7 PO/CX 0.75″D, 50mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-100-500-10BK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-1-200-ET2BK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-1-35-ET2BK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-15+11.4-6-1550BK7 PO/CC 15mmD, -11.4mmFL, AR/AR@1550nm
LBK-1-50-ET2BK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-15-39-2.5-1550BK7 PO/CX 15mmD, 39mmFL, AR/AR@1550nm
LBK-15-40-ET2-ABK7 PO/CX 15mmD, 40mmFL, AR/AR@755nm
LBK-15-60-ET2-YGBK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-1-60-ET2BK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-19-200-ET2BK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-30-120-ET3BK7 PO/CX 0.5″D,20mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LBK-50-100-ET3BK7 PO/CX 50mmD, 100mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-0.5-20-ET2Fused silica PO/CX, 12.7mmDia 20mmFL, ET=2mm, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-0.75-2-ET2Fused Silica PO/CX Lens 19.05mmDia x 2mmET, EFL=2″
LFS-0.75-6-ET2Fused Silica PO/CX Lens 19.05mmDia x 2mmET, EFL=6″
LFS-1.1-2.5-ET2FS PO/CX 1.1″D, 2.5″FL, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-1.1-2.5-ET3Fused Silica CX/CC Lens, 1.1″Dia x 2.5″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@1064nm, CT=6.86mm
LFS-1.1-5-ET3Fused Silica PO/CX Lens, 1.1”Dia x 5”FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-12.5+0.5-ET4FS PO/CC 12.5mmD, -0.5″FL, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-13+33.26-ET4RFS PO/CC 13mmD, -33.26mmFL, AR/AR@694nm
LFS-15+50-ET2.5-YGFused Silica PO/CC Lens, 15mmDia x-50mmFL, ET=2.5mm
LFS-1-500-ET2FS PO/CX 1″D, 500mmmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-30-120-ET3.6Fused Silica PO/CX Lens, CT=6mm, ET=3.6mm 30mmDia x 120mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-38-200-ET3FS PO/CX 38mmD, 200mmFL, AR/AR@1064nm
LFS-50-200-ET3Plano-Convex lens,Dia=50mm, f=200mm, Fused Silica, ET=3mm
LFS-50-300-ET3Plano-Convex lens,Dia=50mm, f=300mm, Fused Silica, ET=3mm
RFS-0.75-9.5-01064nm end mirror, Fused Silica, 0.75″Dia 0.375″Thk, R>99.8%@1064nm, 0 AOI
ATT-1064-10%1064nm attenuator 90-98% 20mmDia x 2mmThk
BEX-1030-1090-1.5-L1Fused Silica CC/CC lens, 14mmDiax4.74mmET, AR/AR@1030-1090nm&650nm
BEX-1030-1090-1.5-L2Fused Silica CX/CX lens, 28mmDiax3mmET, AR/AR@1030-1090nm&650nm
YAGFL901064nm Triplet Focusing Lens, 90mmFL
BSZ-0.5-3-10%R-PISZnSe Beam Splitter, 0.5″Dia x 3mmThk, 10%(±2%)R/AR@10.6μm, 45°AOI, Pol Insensitive
LZ-1.5-8-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1.5″Dia x 8″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZ-1-3000-ET3-IZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 3000mmFL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
LZM-1.1-5-ET4ZnSe Meniscus Lens, 1.1″Dia x 5″FL ET=4mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
LZM-1.5-5-ET3ZnSe Meniscus, 1.5″Dia x 5″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZM-30-3-ET2.5-9.4ZnSe CC/CX lens, 30mmDia, CT=3.5mm,AR/AR@9.4um
SL1-10.6-F360Z-48ZnSe scan lens 10.6um, 250x250mm, EFL=360mm, unmounted
LZ-1-2.5-ET3-9.4ZnSe PO/CX Lens, 1″Dia x 2.5”FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@9.4um
INFRA-IRM1X-15IR Objective Lens, Magnification 1x, NA0.24, 1280×1024, 15um AR/AR@3-5um
INFRA-IRM3X-15IR Objective Lens, Magnification 3x, NA0.5, 1280×1024, 15um, AR/AR@3-5um
INFRA-IRM8.2X-15IR Objective Lens, Magnification 8x, NA0.62 1280×1024,15um, AR/AR@3-5um
INFRA-MW254.0-15MWIR Lens, FL25mm, F#4.0 640×512,15um, BWD22mm
INFRA-MW503.0-15MWIR Lens, FL50mm, F#3.0 Manual Focus, Bayonet Mount
IRM7-2.3-640V2MWIR Lens, FL7mm, F#2.3
WBK-0.75-2.5BK7 window 0.75″D, 2.5mm, AR/AR@1064nm
WBK-126-3BK7 window 126mmDia x 3mmThk AR/AR@1064&650nm
WBK-128-2.5-633K9 window 128mmDia 2.5mmThk, AR/AR@633nm
WBK-222-4.5-515NMB270 window 222mmDia, 4.5mmThk AR/AR@515nm
WBK-50-1.5H-K9L window, 50mmdiax1.5mmThk, AR/AR@1064nm&650nm
WBK-90-3BK7 window 0.75″D, 2.5mm, AR/AR@1064nm
WFS-55-1.5Fused Silica window, 55mmDia x 1.5mmThk AR/AR@1030-1090nm & 650nm, 0 AOI. High Power
WFS-95-2UFused Silica window 95mmDia x 2mmThk, AR/AR@355nm
WGE-1-1-BBGe window 25.4mmDia x 1mmThk AR/AR@7-14um
WGE-128-3-9.4Ge window 128mmD, 3mmThk, AR/AR@9.4um
WGE-55-5-BB1Ge window 55mmD, 5mmThk
WSI-100-4-BBSi window,100mmDia x 4mmThk DLC/AR@3-4um, Tave>90%
WSP-0.62-1.1sapphire window 0.62mmD, 1.1mmThk
WSP-30-1.5-YRSapphire window, 30mm Dia x 1.5mmThk, AR/AR@1060-1100nm&633+/-30nm
WSP-55-1.5-YRSapphire window, 55mm Dia x 1.5mm Thk, AR/AR@1060-1100nm&633+/-30nm
WZ-0.5-3-BBZnSe window, 12.5mmDia*3mmThk R<2%@9-11um
WZ-1.1-3-1ZnSe window, 1.1″Dia x 3mmThk AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
WZ-1.5-3IZnSe window, 1.5″Dia x 3mmThk AR/AR@10.6um&650nm, High Power Coating
WZ-185X125X6ZnSe window 185x125x6, AR/AR@10.6um
WZ-2.8-0.5ZnSe window 2.8mmD, 0.5mmT, AR/AR@10.6um
WZ-50-3-IZnSe window, 50mmDia x 3mmThk AR/AR@10.6um, High Power Coating
WZ-50-4-RECZnSe window 50mmDiax4mmThk AR/AR@10.6um,T>99%@10.6um
WZ-50-5-IZnSe window 50mmD, 5mmThk, AR/AR@10.6um
WFP4-51.5X13.2X12ZQuarter wave Fresnel Prism 51.5X13.2X12 ZnSe, AR@10.6um
WFP4-58.3X15X13.6ZZnSe Quarter wave Fresnel Prism 58.3x15x13.6mm, input/output: AR@10.6um
BXZ-1550-1-4X1550 Zoom Beam Expander, 1-4X 14-28mm, 127mmTL, M28x0.75
BCF-30-2.5-YAGT650RBK7 beam combiner 30×2.5, 1064T650R
BEX-405-10X-D2405nm beam expander 10x input 2mm, total length 85mm
BEX-405-2X-V12X Beam Expander for 405nm 23-28mm, 52.5mmTL, For 3mm Input
BEX-405-3X-V13X Beam Expander for 405nm 23-28mm, 52.5mmTL, For 3mm Input
BEX-405-5X5X Beam Expander for 405nm 8-28mm, 74.6mmL, M30x1
BEX-633-10X10X beam expander for 633nm
BXZ-1940-1-4X1940nm Zoom Beam Expander, 1-4X 14-28mm, 125mmTL, M30x0.75
WSI-90-5Si window, Dia90mm x 5mm Thk
SL1-2940-100-150ZRScan lens 2940nm, 150mmFL, 100×100
SL-2000-425-580Q900nm&2000nm F-theta Scan Lens. 425x425mm under 900nm, 440x440mm under 2000nm
TSL-1064-660-60-1631064/660nm Achromatic Telecentric Scan Lens 60x60mm, 163mmFL, Input 15mm, M85x1
TSL-266-20-55Telecentric scan lens 266nm 55mmFL, 20x20mm
BEX-450-750-40X450-750nm beam expander 40x
BEX-808-980-10X310X Beam Expander for 1064nm, AR coated @ 808nm & 980nm
LBK-0.5-20-ET2-ABK7 PO/CX Len, 12.7mmDia FL=20mm, ET=2mm, AR/AR@755nm
LBK-0.5-20-ET2-AYBK7 PO/CX Lens, 12.7mmDia FL=20mm, ET=2mm, AR/AR@755nm&1064nm
LBK-12.5+125-CT2-AYBK7 Bi-concave lens,12.5mmDiax2.3mmET 125mmFL,AR/AR@1064&755nm,CT2mm
LBK-1-2-ET2-AYBK7 PO/CX lens, 1″Dia FL=2″, ET=2mm, AR/AR@755nm/1064nm
LBK-15-75-ET1.5-AYBK7 PO/CX Lens,15mmDiax1.5mmET 75mmFL, AR/AR@755nm&1064nm
LSF11-15.995-100Schott SF11 & equivalent,PO/CX 15.995mmDiax1.91mmCT,100mmFL
LSF11-6.295+10-CT1.5Schott N-SF11 or CDGM H-ZF13, PO/CC 6.295mmDiax1.5mmCT, FL=-10mmCC
BSC-1-1064PLaser Line Polarizing Cube BS 1064nm, Dimension: 25.4mm
BSC-1-50%R-1064NPbeam splitter cube 1″, 50%R, 1064NP
BSF-30-3-465R355TFS beam spltter 30×3, 465R355T
BSZ-1.5-3-10%R-UZnSe Beam Splitter, 1.5″Dia x 3mmThk 10%R/AR@10.6um, 45°AOI, Un-Pol
BSZ-1.5-3-50%R-9.4PIZnSe beam splitter 1.5″Diax3mmT 50%+/-2%R/AR@9.4um, Pol insensitive
BSZ-1.5-3-50%R-PISZnSe beam splitter 1.5″x3, 50%R
BSZ-1-3-50%R-9.4PISZnSe Beam Splitter, 1″Dia x 3mmThk, 50%±2%R/AR@9.4μm, 45°AOI, Pol Insensitive
BSZ-2-2-50%R-S-3.3ZnSe beam splitter 2″x3, 50%R@3.3um
BSZ-2-3-50%R-9.4UZnSe beam splitter 2″x3, 50%R@9.4um
BSZ-2-3-50%R-PZnSe Beam Splitter, 2″Dia x 3mmThk 50%R/AR@10.6um, 45°AOI, P-Pol
BSZ-2-5-10%R-PISZnSe Beam Splitter, 2″Dia x 5mmThk 10%R/90%T@10.6um, Pol insensitive
BSZ-2-5-50%R-9.4PZnSe Beamsplitter, 2″Dia x 5mmThk 50%R/AR@9.4um, 45AOI, P-Pol
BSZ-2-5-50%R-9.4PISZnSe Beam Splitter, 2″Dia x 5mmThk 50%R/AR@9.4um, Pol insensitive, 45°AOI
BSZ-30-3-50%R-PISZnSe Beam Splitter, 30mmDia x 3mmThk 50%R/AR@10.6um, Pol insencetive, 45°AOI
0RSI-1.5-5I-PSi Zero Phase Reflector, 1.5″Dia x 5mmThk R>99.5%,@10.6um, R>70%@650nm
0RSI-25-3iSi mirror zero phase retarder 25mmDia, 3mmThk
0RSI-2-9.5ISi Zero Phase Reflector, 2″Dia x 9.5mmThk HR@10.6um
90RSI-2-5Si 90 Degree Phase Retarder 2″Dia x 5mmThk, R>98%@10.6um
RBK-1-3BK7 mirror, 1”Dia x 3mmThk HR@1064nm, 45°AOI
RBK-1-6.35-2MCCBK mirror 1″x6.35 @1064nm
RBK-1-6-YRBK7 Mirror, 1″Dia x 6mmThk, HR@1064&633nm, 45°AOI
RBK-1-7-PBK7 mirror 1″Dia x 7mmThk, R>99.5%@1064nm, 45 AOI, side 2: polished, arrow indicates reflector surface
RBK-1-9.5-PBK7 mirror, 1″Dia x 9.5mmThk R>99.5%@1064nm, 45°AOI
RBK-19-3-1064/532BK mirror 19×3 @1064nm
RBK-25-1-AYBK7 mirror, 25mmDiax1mmThk HR@755nm&1064nm,45AOI
RBK-25-3BK7 Mirror, 25mmDia x 3mmThk, HR@1064nm&650nm, 45°AOI
RBK-30-5-GBK mirror 30×5 @1064nm
RCU-20X38X4Cu mirror 20x38x4mm, R>99%@10.6um, 30-60 AOI BMR-E
RCU-30-5Cu mirror, 30mmDia x 5mmThk Gold Coated, R=99%@10.6um
RFS-1-6FS mirror 1″x6 @1064nm
RFS-1-6.35-22.5°FS mirror 1″x6.35 @1064nm,22.5 AOI
RFS-19-5Fused Silica mirror 19mmDia x 5mmThk, R>99.8%@1064nm, 0 AOI
RFS-2-6.35UFused Silica mirror, 2”Dia x 6.35mmThk HR@355nm, 45°AOI
RFS-50-5Fused Silica mirror, 50mmDia x 5mmThk R>99.5%@1064nm, R>90%@650nm, 45°AOI
RGE-1.1-6-20MCCGe mirror 1.1″x6 @10.6um, 20MCC
RSI-1.5-4-DBRSi mirror 1.5″x4 @10.6um
RSI-18-3Silicon mirror 18mmDia x 3mmThk Gold Coating, R>99%&@10.6um
RSI-30-5Si mirror 30×5 @10.6um
BCBK-1-3.4BK7 Beam Combiner, 1“Dia x 3.4mmThk for 1064nmT/650nmR
BCBK-1-3.5-1064RBK7 Beam Combiner, 1″Dia x 3.5mmThk 1064nmR/650nmT
BCBK-1-3-355TBK7 beam combiner 1″x3, 355T650R
BCBK-2-5BK7 beam combiner 2″x5, 1064T650R
BCBK-2-9.5-635T1064RBK7 beam combiner 2″x9.5, 635T1064R
BCBK-30X50X5-1064R65BK7 beam combiner, 30x50x5mm R>99%@1064nm, T>89%@650nm, 45deg AOI
BCF-1-6.3-355R532TFS beam combiner 1″x6.3, 355R532T
BCF-80X56X2-355/635FS beam combiner 80x56x2, 355R635T
SL-915-300-420915nm F-theta Scan Lens 300x300mm, 420mmFL, Input 14mm, M85x1
TFP-Z-0.75X1.5X3ZnSe Thin Film Polarizer, 0.75″x1.5″x3mm Tp=97+/-0.5%@10.6um
TFP-Z-25X64X3ZnSe Thin film polarizer 25x64x3mm, 67.4 degree AOI
SCM-16X21X2scan mirror 16x21x2
SCM-19X32X2Bscan mirror 19x32x2
SCM-19X32X2-SISi Scan mirror, 19x32x2mm HR@1064nm, 30-60°AOI, w/o Mount
SCM-6230H-X-DBK7 scan mirror 14.8×19.4×1.6mm R>99.5%@1064nm, R>90%@650nm, 30-60 AOI
SCM-6230H-Y-DBK7 scan mirror 16.4×28.1×1.6mm R>99.5%@1064nm, R>90%@650nm, 30-60 AOI
SCM-6230-Xscan mirror 6230-X
SCM-6230-Yscan mirror 6230-Y
SCM-6240H-15X-DBK7 scan mirror 20.6×27.7×1.7mm R>99.5%@1064nm, R>90%@650nm, 30-60 AOI
SCM-6240H-15Y-DBK7 scan mirror 23.6×36.1×2.2mm R>99.5%@1064nm, R>90%@650nm, 30-60 AOI
SCM-6870-15Xscan mirror 6870-15X
INFRA-LW1001.5-17AIR Lens Athermal FL100mm F#1.5 BWD10.47mm. M34x0.5
INFRA-LW351.2-17AIR Lens Athermal FL35mm F#1.2 BWD10.47mm, M34x0.5
INFRA-LW601.25-17AIR Lens Athermal FL60mm F#1.25 BWD10.47mm, M34x0.5
IRA03514320IRLens 35mmFL,F/1.4, 320×240 pixels 38um, 8-12um
LKCY-1X28+1-ET10.3BK7 cylindrical lens PO/CC 25.4mmHx28mmL,FL=-25.4mm,AR/AR@532nm
LZCY-1-4-ET3ZnSe PO/CX Cylindrical Lens, 1″Dia x 4″FL ET=3mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4+25.4ZnSe PO/CC Cylindrical Lens, 25.4 x 25.4mm -1”FL, 4mmCT, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4+38.1-9.4ZnSe PO/CC Cylindrical Lens, 25.4 x 25.4mm -1.5″FL, 4mmCT, AR/AR@9.4um&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4+50.8-9.4ZnSe PO/CC Cylindrical Lens, 25.4 x 25.4mm -2″FL, 3.9mmCT, AR/AR@9.4um&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4+72.4ZnSe PO/CC cylindrical lens 25.4mm x 25.4mm, FL=-72.4mm, CT=2.5mm, AR/AR@10.6um
LZCY-25.4X25.4-101ZnSe Cylindrical Lens, 25.4×25.4mm EFL=101.6mm, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4-127-9.4ZnSe PO/CX Cylindrical Lens, 25.4 x 25.4mm 5″FL, 5mmCT, AR/AR@9.4um&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4-190.5ZnSe PO/CX Cylindrical Lens, 25.4 x 25.4mm, 7.5″FL, 5mmCT, AR/AR@10.6μm&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4-190.5-9.4ZnSe PO/CX Cylindrical Lens, 25.4 x 25.4mm 7.5″FL, 5mmCT, AR/AR@9.4um&650nm
LZCY-25.4X25.4-76ZnSe PO/CX Cylindrical Lens, 25.4×25.4mm 3″FL, 3.76mmCT, AR/AR@10.6um&650nm
BET0106A-WCUniBET 6X beam expander 10.6um 23-28mm, water cool
INFRA-SW1002.5-15SWIR Lens, FL100mm, F#2.5 640×512,15um, AR/AR@1.5-5um
INFRA-SW122.5-15SWIR lens FL12mm F#2.5, Bayonet mount 640×512,15um, Manual Focus, AR/AR@1.5-5um
INFRA-SW502.0-30SWIR Lens, FL50mm, F#2.0 320×256,30um, C-mount, AR/AR@900-2500nm
INFRA-SW502.5-15SWIR Lens, FL50mm, F#2.5 640×512,15um, AR/AR@1.5-5um
INFRA-SW502.5-25SWIR Lens, FL50mm, F#2.5 Bayonet Mount, 640×512, 25um
IRSW10023640SWIR Lens FL100mm, F#2.3
90RSI-1.5-4Si 90 Degree Phase Retarder 1.5″Dia x 4mmThk, HR@10.6um
OCF-0.75-9.5-80%R1064nm Output couple 0.75″Dia 0.375″Thk R=80+/-2% @1064nm 0 deg
OCF-19-5-27%Routput coupler 19×5, 27%R@1064nm
OCZ-0.75-2-95%R-5MCCZnSe output coupler 0.75″Dia x 2mmThk, 95%R/AR@10.6um
OCZ-15-3.3-67%RZnSe output coupler 15mDia x 3.3mmThk, 67%R/AR@10.6um
OCZ-25-3-70%RZnSe output coupler 25Dia x 3, 70%R/AR@10.6um
OCZ-25-3-95%R-2.8ZnSe output coupler 25Dia x 3, 95%R/AR@10.6um
LSW05014640SWIR Lens, FL50mm, F/1.4 640×480,25um, AR/AR@0.9-1.7um
LSW07515640SWIR lens FL75mm, F#1.5 640×480, 25um, C-mount, AR/AR@0.9-1.7um
LZ-15-2-ET2znse po/cx lens,Dia15mmx 2mmET,CT=2.4mm, AR/AR@10.6um&633nm
SL-1064-532-100-1631064/532nm Achromatic Scan Lens 100x100mm, 163mmFL, Input 12mm, M85x1
TSL-1550-10-55Telecentric scan lens 1550nm 55mmFL, 10x10mm, input 10mm
TSL-1550-80-1951550nm telecentric scan lens FL=195mm, 80x80mm, input 15mm
INFRA-LW256-2XMagnification 2x, 8-14um IR lens BWD31mm, Image Size for 320×256,17um
INFRA-LW256-3XMagnification 3x, 8-14um IR lens BWD31mm, Image Size for 320×256,25um
INFRA-LW256-5XObjective Lens, 5X Magnification, F#1.0 320×256, 25um, AR/AR@8-14um, M45x1
INFRA-LW1001.0-17LWIR lens FL100mm, F#1.0
INFRA-LW151.0-17IR lens FL15mm, F#1.0 BWD11mm, BFD16mm, M34x0.75
INFRA-LW181.0-17IR Lens, FL18mm, F#1.0 640×480, 17um, Manual Focus
INFRA-LW251.2-17LWIR lens FL25mm, F#1.2
INFRA-LW301.0-17IR Lens, FL30mm, F#1.0 BWD: 8.3mm. BFD13.3mm
INFRA-LW351.0-17IR Lens FL35mm, F#1.0 BWD11mm, BFD16mm, M34x0.75
INFRA-LW501.0-17IR Lens FL50mm, F#1.0 640×480, 17um, M34x0.75
INFRA-LW701.0-17IR Lens FL70mm, F#1.0 BWD:8.3mm BFD:13.3mm, Image Diagonal:13.6mm
INFRA-LW751.0-17V3IR Lens FL75mm, F#1.0 640×480,17um, M38x1
IR00920160IR lens FL=9mm, F#2.0
IR02510384GIR lens, FL=25mm, F#1 384×288 pixel 35um, 8-12um
IR20-1.0-384-WPIR lens FL=20mm, F#1.0
IR5/1.0-320NIR lens FL5/F#1.0 Pixels 320×240, 25um, M24x1,
IRT320-4.31.2LWIR Lens, 4.3mmFL, F#1.2 8-14um, Athermalized hard coating.
IR2100/1.0-320N-MOTLWIR Lens, 100mmFL, F#1.0, motorized
532NMFL47532nm Triplet Lens, FL=47mm
YAGFL100W1064nm Doublet Focusing Lens, 100mmFL with Window, M28x0.75
YAGFL120air-space focusing lens FL=120, 1064nm
YAGFL1351064nm triplet lens FL=134.8mm 22mmTL, WD=125mm
YAGFL180-ADAchormatic Lens, 41mmDia x 180mmFL ET=10mm, AR/AR@1064nm&450-750nm, 0-15°AOI
YAGFL201air-space focusing lens FL=201, 1064nm
YAGFL47Aair-space focusing lens FL=47, 1064nm
YAGFL50-D25air-space focusing lens FL=50, 1064nm
YAGFL77A-Vair-space focusing lens FL=77, 1064nm
LFAS-1.5-125-ET4Fused Silica aspheric CX/CX 1.5″Dia, 125mmFL 4mmET, AR/AR@1030-1090nm
LFAS-1.5-150-ET4Fused Silica aspheric CX/CX 1.5″Dia, 150mmFL 4mmET, AR/AR@1030-1090nm, BFL 146.03mm
LFAS-1.5-200-ET4Fused Silica aspheric CX/CX 1.5″Dia, 200mmFL 4mmET, AR/AR@1030-1090nm

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