Terahertz Systems

TERA K15 – All fiber-coupled
Terahertz Spectrometer

Terahertz Systems
  • NEW: >5 THz bandwidth, >90 dB dynamic range
  • Optional: Synchronizable THz-TDS system
  • Multicolor laser outputs available
  • Fast scanning delay line with >850 ps total range
  • Fast data acquisition platform without lock-in amplifier
  • Remote control and data transfer over network
Antenna modelTERA15-FC*
Spectral range>5 THz (typically 5.5 THz)
Dynamic range>90 dB (typically 95 dB)
Total scan range>850 ps, flexible setting of scanning range and speed
THz frequency resolution<1.2 GHz
Laser specifications 
Wavelength1560 nm, alternatively 780 nm or multicolor ports
Total average output power**>500 mW at 1560 nm, > 250 mW at 780 nm
Repetition rate100 MHz, synchronizable to external source on request
Output ports for THz generation2 x fiber coupled FC/APC ports, PM fiber
Pulse duration<90 fs
Dimensions / weight 
Optical unit900 x 600 x 200 mm3, 34 kg
THz control electronics448 x 132 x 550 mm3, 8 kg
Laser control unit448 x 132 x 437 mm3, 12 kg

TERA ASOPS – High-Speed THz Time-Domain Spectrometer

  • NEW: ASOPS scanning technique without mechanical delay unit
  • NEW: Large scanning range
  • NEW: Highest spectral resolution
  • NEW: Turnkey system operation and user-friendly software
  • NEW: Remote control and data transfer over network
Spectral range>3 THz
Dynamic range>60 dB (typically 80 dB)
Total scan rangeup to 10 ns  (pulse-to-pulse distance)
Rapid sampling rate>600 Hz
Laser specifications 
Laser output ports for THzTwo fiber coupled ports, 1560 nm, FC/APC, PM fiber
Laser system repetition rate100 MHz
Dimensions / weight 
Optical unit900 x 600 x 200 mm3, 34 kg
THz control electronicsmounted in a 19” rack cabinet, 800 x 600 x 1800 mm3, 75 kg

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