• World’s first spectrophotometer designed for optical coaters
  • World’s only instrument to feature UV-MWIR (185-5200 nm) polarization measurement capability, a unique opportunity offering deeper insight into real performance of optical coatings


  • Record-wide wavelength range configuration in a single instrument: 185-5200 nm
  • More than 10 times faster measurement compared to other tools on the market
  • No need to re-calibrate the baseline after change of angle of incidence
  • Measurement of transmittance and absolute specular reflectance from the same area on the substrate – perfect for backward analyses of thin film design
  • Measurement of complex cemented prisms with arbitrary direction of outgoing beams
  • Measurement of beamsplitters with variable AOI’s and beam off-set up to +/- 60 mm
  • Radically minimized human errors in the measurement process due to fully automated procedures
  • Fast on-axis transmittance measurement of individual convex/concave lenses 
  • Fast on-axis transmittance measurement of lens assemblies (objectives) with maximum objective length of 240 mm
  • Unattended on-axis and off-axis reflectance measurement of individual lenses providing measurement data virtually from any area on lens surface (both convex and concave). Ideal for fine-tuning of deposition technology used to produce coatings on lenses


  • Spectral wavelength ranges: 380 – 1700 nm and 190 – 1700 nm
  • Range of lens radiuses for reflectance measurement: from -15 mm to ∞ , and from +15 mm to ∞
  • Range of focal lengths of lenses and objectives for transmittance measurements: -20 mm … ∞ … +20 mm
  • Maximum lens diameter: 150 mm for transmittance measurement, 90 mm for reflectance measurement
  • Minimum lens diameter: 10 mm
  • Maximum lens weight (reflectance measurement): 0.5 kg

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