Longwave Infrared (LWIR) Lens

IR Optics LWIR Lens

LWIR lens are typically uncooled and therefore have less sensitivity. However, long-wave infrared lenses allow the user to see through dust or smoke, which makes them particularly valuable in certain environments and applications. The field of view of a lens depends mainly on the focal length and the detector size.

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (µm)Focal Length (mm)Focus TypeF#BWD (mm)MountDetector
LWIR LensInfra-LW4.81.0-178.0 - 144.8Manual Focus19M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW7.51.0-178.0 - 147.5Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW111.0-178.0 - 1411Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW151.0-178.0 - 1415Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW191.0-178.0 - 1419Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW181.0-17V28.0 - 1418Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW251.0-17V38.0 - 1425Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW251.0-178.0 - 1425Manual Focus18M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW501.0-17V28.0 - 1450Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW601.0-178.0 - 1460Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW751.0-178.0 - 1475Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW1001.0-178.0 - 14100Manual Focus111M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW251.0-17M8.0 - 1425Motorized Focus113.5Flange640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW351.0-17M8.0 - 1435Motorized Focus19.05M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW501.0-17M8.0 - 1450Motorized Focus110M60x1640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW701.0-17M8.0 - 1470Motorized Focus18M39x0.75640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW751.0-17M8.0 - 1475Motorized Focus114.7M59x12 Teeth/inch640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW1001.0-17M8.0 - 14100Motorized Focus114.46M60x1640x512, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW1001.2-17M8.0 - 14100Motorized Focus1.211Flange640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW1301.2-17M8.0 - 14130Motorized Focus1.211Flange640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW1501.0-17M8.0 - 14150Motorized Focus114M60x1640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW2101.3-17M8.0 - 14210Motorized Focus1.314.12.313"-36NC-2A640x480, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW2601.3-17M8.0 - 14260Motorized Focus1.317.74Flange640x512, 17µm
LWIR LensInfra-LW3001.3-17M8.0 - 14300Motorized Focus1.314.1Flange640x480, 17µm

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