Athermal Lens

Athermal Lens

IR Optics Athermal Lens

The need to maintain focus over a wide range of environmental temperature is essential to the system performance, stability and high quality. Athermalized lenses kept it’s performance from changing by means of optical passivity, mechanical activity and mechanical passivity in a large temperature range. It’s configuration will auto-adjust itself when placed at different temperature.

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (µm)Focal Length (mm)Focus TypeF#BWD (mm)MountDetector
Athermal LensInfra-LW7.51.0-17A8.0 - 147.5Fixed Focus19M25x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW8.51.2-17A8.0 - 148.5Manual Focus1.210.47M34x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW111.0-17A8.0 - 1411Manual Focus111M34x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW131.0-17A8.0 - 1413Fixed Focus18.77M25x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW151.0-17A8.0 - 1415Manual Focus18M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW191.2-17A8.0 - 1419Manual Focus1.210.47M34x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW251.2-17A8.0 - 1425Manual Focus1.210.47M34x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW351.2-17A8.0 - 1435Manual Focus1.210.47M34x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW501.0-17A8.0 - 1450Fixed Focus17.7M34x0.75640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW601.25-17A8.0 - 1460Manual Focus1.2510.47M34x0.5640x480, 17µm
Athermal LensInfra-LW1001.5-17A8.0 - 14100Manual Focus1.510.47M34x0.5640x480, 17µm

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