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ToF Lenses

Time-of-Flight (ToF) Lenses, also known as 3D depth lenses, come with real-time ranging and are able to obtain object depth information. These products are applicable in consumer electronics such as smart home cameras, sweeping robots, AR/VR, and drones.

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Part NoEFL (mm)BFL (mm)F/#TTL (mm)Sensor Size (mm)Thread
PG-TOF-0.8-4.00.801.384.002.691.12(H) x 0.84(V) x 1.4(D)M3.4 x 0.25
PG-TOF-1.08- x 1.2(V)x2.0(D)M2.5 x 0.25
PG-TOF-8.75-8.08.755.648.0011.886.784(H) x 5.427(V) x 8.687(D)M8.0 x 0.35
PG-TOF-0.93-4.50.931.214.502.891.224(H) x 1.212(V) x 1.722(D)M1.7 x 0.1
PG-TOF-0.93-6.00.931.216.002.891.224(H) x 1.212(V) x 1.722(D)M1.7 x 0.1
PG-TOF-1.54-1.21.542.661.209.883.14(H) x 2.41(V) x 3.95(D)M7.0 x 0.35
PG-TOF-1.53-1.451.532.611.458.203.2(H) x 2.4(V) x 4.0(D)M6.0 x 0.35
PG-TOF-2.36-1.252.362.801.2511.345.38(H)x4.042(V)x6.72(D)M8.0 x 0.35
PG-TOF-1.3-2.41.302.302.408.512.688(H)x2.016(V)x3.36(D)M8.0 x 0.35
PG-TOF-1.44-1.41.441.411.405.253.2(H)x2.4(V)x4.0(D)M6.0 x 0.25
PG-TOF-1.44-1.21.441.421.205.263.14(H)x2.41(V)x3.95(D)M6.0 x 0.25
PG-TOF-5.93-6.55.934.736.5011.604.51(H) x 2.88(V) x 5.35(D)-
PG-TOF-1.16- x 0.5
PG-TOF-1.76-2.61.761.262.609.033673.6um(H)x2738.4um(V)x4581.9um(D)M7.0 x 0.35
PG-TOF-3.9-2.83.907.762.8020.576.24(H) x 4.7(V) x 7.81(D)M12 x 0.5
PG-TOF-3.89-1.63.895.331.6022.265.76(H)x3.24(V)x6.609(D)M12 x 0.5

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