Wavelength Electronics Quantum Cascade Laser Drivers - QC Laser Drivers

Quantum Cascade Laser Drivers

Expect industry leading, patented low-noise drive current from our Quantum Cascade Laser current sources. Low current noise means narrower linewidth, stable center wavelength, and repeatable scans. For lowest noise, choose a qcl power supply where maximum current is just above your operating current. OEM modules as well as benchtop instruments with intuitive touchscreen control are available. Drivers can be supplied with custom current levels by requesting a product variation. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the partner of Wavelength Electronics brand of quantum cascade laser drivers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

LD2.5CHAModuleBenchtop or Chassis2.5 A
LD5CHAModuleBenchtop or Chassis5 A
QCL500 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis500 mA
QCL500 OEM(+)ModuleBenchtop or Chassis500 mA
QCL1000 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis1 A
QCL1000 OEM(+)ModuleBenchtop or Chassis1 A
QCL1500 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis1.5 A
QCL1500 OEM(+)ModuleBenchtop or Chassis1.5 A
QCL2000 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis2 A
QCL2000 OEM(+)ModuleBenchtop or Chassis2 A
QCL500 LABInstrumentBenchtop500 mA
QCL1000 LABInstrumentBenchtop1 A
QCL1500 LABInstrumentBenchtop1.5 A
QCL2000 LABInstrumentBenchtop2 A

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