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StellarNet miniature spectrometers are portable & compact fiber optic instruments for UV, VIS, and NIR measurements in the 190-2300nm range. The StellarNet series of miniature spectrometers is a step up in low-cost instrument design, offering CCD 2048 & PDA 512/1024 detectors. The units are engineered to have no moving parts, no detector sockets, ruggedized aluminum enclosure, and an integrated A/D digitizer for unmatched durability and quality that outperforms any instrument in its class. Numerous models offer standard or high resolution (HR) optics for selected spectral ranges.

StellarNet Spectrometer BLUE-Wave

  • Measurements in the 200-1150nm wavelength regions
  • 15 standard models with options for customized wavelength ranges
  • For process, lab, and field applications
  • Signal: noise = 1000:1
  • High-speed 16-bit electronics for fast data acquisition
  • 1x3x5 inch enclosure allows for eXtreme portablity
  • New! low power consumption for 2x longer lifetime on tablets/laptops
  • Great for OEM applications with SDK included FREE
Model         Wavelength Range (nm)Grating g/mm        Slit-200 nm res.Slit-100 nm res.Slit-50 nm res.Slit-25 nm res.Slit-14 nm res.
UV  uv-system-efficiencywhite-light-system-efficiency-curves200-6001200  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave3.
UV2 uv-system-efficiency200-4002400  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave1.
UV3 uv-system-efficiency220-3503600  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave1.
UVISuv-system-efficiencywhite-light-system-efficiency-curves300-1100600    effiecieny-curve-blue-wave6.
VIS    white-light-system-efficiency-curves350-1150600    effiecieny-curve-blue-wave6.
VIS2  white-light-system-efficiency-curves380-7801200  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave3.
NIR    white-light-system-efficiency-curves500-1150600    effiecieny-curve-blue-wave6.
NIR2  white-light-system-efficiency-curves600-10001200  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave3.
NIR2bwhite-light-system-efficiency-curves785-11501200  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave3.
NIR3  white-light-system-efficiency-curves550-8101800  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave2.
NIR3bwhite-light-system-efficiency-curves680-9351800  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave2.
NIR4  white-light-system-efficiency-curves500-7002400  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave1.
NIR4bwhite-light-system-efficiency-curves600-8002400  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave1.
UVN   white-light-system-efficiency-curves250-1100600    effiecieny-curve-blue-wave6.
UVNbwhite-light-system-efficiency-curves200-1050600    effiecieny-curve-blue-wave6.

Spectrometers Dwarf Star

  • NIR Measurements in the 900-1700nm range
  • Spectral resolution down to 1nm for certain models
  • Miniature size 5x3x2″ with rugged, compact design
  • Integrated thermo electric cooler set to operate at -15 deg C
  • Complete Software Development and Integrated Chemometrics options
  • For NIR portable and OEM applications
Number of ElementsSpectrometer   Range (nm)Grating      (g/mm)Grating Range (nm)Dispersion (nm/pixel)Estimated Resolving Resolution
NIRwhite-light-system-efficiency-curves      10241000-1700600700nm0.621.25nm

  • Measurements from 900-2300nm (0.90-2.30 um)
  • For NIR measurements and applications requiring wide spectral range
  • 512 or 1024 pixel extended range InGaAs Photo Diode Array
  • Integrated 2-stage thermo electric cooler set to operate at -30 deg C
  • Increased air flow and specialized heat sink for added stability
InGaAs ModelNumber of ElementsSpectrometer   Range (nm)Grating      (g/mm)Grating Range (nm)Dispersion (nm/pixel)Estimated Resolving Resolution


  • Measurements in the 190-850nm or 280-900nm ranges
  • High-performance concave grating optics for UV-VIS applications
  • Superb spectral imaging with no mirrors for lowest possible stray light
  • Enhanced UV Sensitivity & Flat-field imaging for uniform resolution
  • No optical adjustments for extreme thermal stability and ruggedness
  • Thermo-electrically Cooled Detector (TEC) upgrade increases S/N by 60%
  • BLACK-Comet-SR (Super Range) for wide range applications 200-1100nm
  • BLACK-Comet-HR (High Resolution) for high resolution applications <0.4nm
BLACK-CometWavelength Range (nm)Grating g / mmSlit-200 nm res.Slit-100 nm res.Slit-50 nm res.Slit-25 nm res.Slit-14 nm res.
BLK-C uv-system-efficiencywhite-light-system-efficiency-curves190-850590  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave6.
BLK-CXR uv-system-efficiencywhite-light-system-efficiency-curves280-900590  effiecieny-curve-blue-wave6.

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