StellarNet Spectrometer

StellarNet miniature spectrometers are portable & compact fiber optic instruments for UV, VIS, and NIR measurements in the 190-2300nm range. The StellarNet series of miniature spectrometers is a step up in low-cost instrument design, offering CCD/CMOS/PDA 2048 & PDA 512/1024 detectors. The units are engineered to have no moving parts or detector sockets, utilize a ruggedized aluminium enclosure and an integrated A/D digitizer for unmatched durability and quality that outperforms any instrument in its class. Numerous models offer standard, concave grating, or high resolution (HR) optics for selected spectral ranges. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the authorised distributor of StellarNet brand of spectrometers in South East Asia.

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