BLUE-Wave Miniature Spectrometer

Lasers & Detectors Spectrometers

  • Measurements in the 200-1150nm wavelength regions
  • 15 standard models with options for customized wavelength ranges
  • For process, lab, and field applications
  • Signal: noise = 1000:1
  • High-speed 16-bit electronics for fast data acquisition
  • 1x3x5 inch enclosure allows for eXtreme portablity
  • New! low power consumption for 2x longer lifetime on tablets/laptops
  • Great for OEM applications with SDK included FREE

Portable NIR Spectrometer

Spectrometers Dwarf Star

  • DWARF-Star 900-1700nm

Our most popular model. Extremely versatile and robust with Czerny Turner optics and our standard range InGaAs array for ranges 900-1700nm. Available with many wavelength range configurations as well has high resolution models.

  • RED-Wave-NIRX-SR 900-2300nm

Measure far into the NIR with an extended InGaAs array. Available for range 900-2300nm. Great for liquid absorption measurements, optical transmission, and laser wavelength characterization

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