Menlo Systems C-Fiber 780 Femtosecond Erbium Laser

C-Fiber 780 Femtosecond Erbium Lasers

Menlo Systems’ fiber-based femtosecond laser sources integrate the latest achievements in fiber technology into easy-to-use products. Menlo Systems’ unique figure 9® design results in reproducible and long-term stable operation. It is based on the well-established Nonlinear Amplifying Loop Mirror (NALM) mode locking mechanism. Both oscillator and amplifier use polarization maintaining (PM) fiber components only, ensuring excellent stability and low-noise operation. The laser is maintenance free, user installed and ready to use at the press of a single button. Customize your laser with the available options to match the requirements of your application. Complete synchronization solution is available with laser and synchronization electronics. All components from one supplier with full automation guarantees hands off operation and more time for your experiments.

 C-Fiber 780                    
C-Fiber 780 HIGH POWER
Central Wavelength780 nm ± 10nm780 nm ± 10nm
Average Power >100 mW>250 mW
Pulse Energy >1.0 nJ >2.5 nJ
Pulse Width <100 fs (<70 fs with FEMTOSCALE)<100 fs (<70 fs with FEMTOSCALE)
Repetition Rate*100 MHz (50-250 MHz with VARIO)100 MHz (50-250 MHz with VARIO)
Repetition Rate Instability <1 ppm over 20 hours at constant temperature <1 ppm over 20 hours at constant temperature
Timing Jitter <2 fs [rms, 10 kHz.. 1 MHz]<2 fs [rms, 10 kHz.. 1 MHz]
Output Port free spacefree space
Auxiliary Output Port** free space, 1560 nm, >250 mWfree space, 1560 nm, >500 mW
Additional Fiber-Coupled Seed Port 1 (up to 4 with MULTIBRANCH)1 (up to 4 with MULTIBRANCH)
Polarization linear, s-polarizedlinear, s-polarized
Beam Height 75 mm 75 mm

Amplitude noise < 0.5% rms (over 24h)

MENLO SYSTEMS_Femtosecon Fiber Laser_Measurementdata_C-Fiber780_2017_05.jpg

Reproducibility Identical and consistent laser performance.

Reproducibility fs Fiber Lasers

Optical Performance Autocorrelation and optical spectrum

 C-Fiber_780_Autocorrelation_Optical_Spectrum_780nm_and_1560 nm.jpg

  • Lowest Amplitude and Phase Noise
  • Single Mode-Lock State with all PM solution
  • Dual colour output 1560nm / 780nm with arbitrary splitting ratios of output power
  • Shortest 780nm femtosecond pulses for femtosecond fiber laser with 50-60fs (Femtoscale option)
  • Repetition Rate 50-250 MHz Large tuning range of the repetition rate with typically 400kHz @ 100MHz (Sync Option)
  • Complete synchronization solution available: laser + synchronization electronics (all components from one supplier) with full automation → hands off operation
  • Repetition rate synchronization at all frequencies
  • Additional seed ports for later upgrade
  • Amplifier seeding
  • Terahertz generation & terahertz physics
  • 2-Photon polymerization and 3D printing
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Multi-Photon Excitation

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