Laser Metrology


High-Speed Laser Sensor

Energy & Power Meters High Speed Laser Sensors

  • Dozens of times faster than standard Thermopile sensors
  • Power density capability: 1.5KW/cm2
  • Wavelength range: Measures from 250nm to 1100nm and 10,600nm

Laser Power & Energy Meter

Handheld or able to connect to PC via USB connection.

  • Semiconductor Optical Sensors

Designed to cover a range of powers up to 500mW and a wavelength range that extends to the near IR.

  • USB/RS 232 Meterless Sensors

Series of laser power measurement instruments introducing new microelectronics circuitry that has reduced the complete electronics to the size of a USB 2.0 or RS-232 plug.

  • Laser Power Probes

Fit and CRONOS series have been ergonomically designed in all their details like the LCD display and the balance of weights.

OEM & Custom Product

Energy & Power Meters OEM and Custom Products

OEM sensors discs manufactured by LaserPoint are high sensitivity, low impedance thermopiles. High sensitivity is important to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio when working at low powers. Compared to other types of sensors which might be used in equivalent applications, thermopile detectors can be applied directly onto the beam, even at high powers.

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Line Beam Or Large Beam Profiler

Line Beam or Large Beam Profilers System

  • 190 to 1150 nm (model-dependent)
  • Line laser up to 200mm length/ 300mm diameter measurements
  • Software available

Beam Profiler Camera

Beam Profilers Camera

  • From 190 – 14,000nm (model-dependent)
  • CCD, CMOS, and Si microbolometer beam profiling cameras
  • M² option – beam propagation analysis, divergence, focus

Scanning Slit Beam Profiler System

  • Available with Si, Ge, InAs, and InGaAs detectors (model-dependent)
  • Wavelengths from 190 to 3,900 nm
  • Real-time M², divergence, focus, and alignment measurement

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