Single photon counting modules are used to count single photons. These photon counters, sold under the brand name COUNT®, offer phenomenally low dark count rates and high detection efficiency. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the partner of LASER COMPONENTS brand of photon counters for Singapore.

  • COUNT®

This single photon counting module detects single photons in a range of 400-1000nm. It attains 70% photon detection efficiency in the red region and comparatively higher in the blue region from the ones that are currently available in the market.  It also has extremely low as 10 counts/s dark count rate than others. Well-suited for single-photon LiDAR, particle sizing, confocal microscopy, Astronomy, and quantum cryptography.

  • COUNT® Blue

This is specially designed for higher quantum efficiency at shorter wavelengths.  It can achieve 55%, 70% and 50% photon detection efficiency at blue, green and red regions respectively.  The dark count rates are very low from 20-250 counts/s in 350-1000nm range.  Its usage is relevant in Raman spectroscopy, confocal microscopy and time-resolved single molecule detection.


This is a single photon counting module for NIR. The highlights for this photon counter are enhanced detection efficiency, low dark count rate as 50counts/s, and greater stability around 810nm. This wavelength acts as a main role in quantum cryptography applications.

  • COUNT® T

This is called time-correlated single photon counting module.  Because it can determine time of detection of a single photons based on a reference signal (a laser pulse) using statistical counting method. Having a timing resolution of upto 350ps makes ease of use for time-correlated single photon counting, fluorescence and photon correlated spectroscopy and in fluorescence life-time imaging.

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