Hyperspectral Camera

Hyperspectral Camera

Hyperspectral Camera

This is Phase’s newest product. It is a push broom HyperSpectral camera that uses a high-speed InGaAs sensor. The hyperspectral camera is ideal for positioning over a moving conveyor and accurately measuring the spectra of items that pass below it.

Valuable spectral information about the objects passing below the system is acquired and analyzed using sophisticated algorithms. Contact us to find out more about solutions using the HyperSight camera, imaging lens options, real-time data processing, and the LumosLine range of highly efficient, high brightness illuminators.



Hyperspectral Cameras NIRSight

The NIRSight range of compact cooled InGaAs spectrometers is ideal for many lab and industrial applications. Using a proprietary optical design, and optimized electronics they provide reliable spectral information.

The NIRSight uses the range InGaAs sensor from Hamamatsu and electronics that exploit the full capability of the sensor. Combined with the high-efficiency optical design the device provides high-quality spectral information without hassle.

The NIRSight defines the DNA of a Phase product – we aim for you to be taking spectra within 10 minutes of opening the box. It is compact, robust, and comes with reliable communication based on a mature communications chipset and lightweight, reliable drivers. Simply install the software drivers and user software, connect the device via USB and you can begin collecting spectra.

Hyperspectral Cameras FineSight

Phase FineSight spectrometers are all about high resolution, high sensitivity, and low noise. For Raman spectroscopy, Fluorescence measurements, and other applications where light is scarce, they easily outperform their rivals. The performance advantage is achieved using a unique optical design and state-of-the-art detectors.

All spectrometers trade-off resolution and sensitivity – but that does not make all spectrometers equal.  Optical design and detection systems lead to orders of magnitude in the difference of performance. Phase’s FineSight spectrometer achieves 1000x higher sensitivity at the same resolution than some leading competitors ‘high throughput’ devices. Send us a summary of the wavelength range and resolution you need and we’ll prepare a direct comparison of how our system will perform against leading competitors’ products.

FineSight has the DNA of a Phase product. It is compact, robust, and comes with reliable communication. Intuitive graphical software is included and we aim for you to be taking spectra within 10 minutes of opening the box. There are lightweight, uncomplicated drivers for Windows and Linux platforms.


Hyperspectral Cameras RapidSight

Built to cover a huge wavelength range and provide unbeatable speed.
​Achieving up to 90,000 spectra/second, and covering both the silicon and InGaAs windows, (300-1700nm) in a single integrated device, the RapidSight has no rivals.

RapidSight can continuously stream all of the spectral information over a convenient USB3.0 interface. The included software and triggering options will ensure you collect the data you want with greatly enhanced throughput. 

​It is ideal for measuring high-speed processes. 

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