Q-Switched Lasers

A Q-switched laser is a type of laser that produces high-intensity light pulses in short bursts or pulses, typically lasting only a few nanoseconds. The laser works by first building up a large amount of energy within the laser cavity, where the light is reflected back and forth between two mirrors. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the partner of HÜBNER Photonics and Cobolt brand of lasers for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.​

Cobolt Tor specifications

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The Cobolt Tor™ series lasers are high-performance Q-switched diode-pumped lasers. The sophisticated cavity design of these lasers provides a unique combination of high pulse repetition rates, short pulse lengths and exceptional pulse-to-pulse stability in a high quality TEM00 beam.

  • Available wavelengths: 375 nm to 1064 nm, up to 1000 mW
  • Easy to install and field upgradeable
  • High speed modulation
  • Fiber coupling with options for multiple outputs
  • Optional electromechanical aperture shutters


  • Photoacoustics microscopy
  • Marking
  • LIBS

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