Fiber Optics Component

Wavelength Opto-Electronic offers a compact, rugged, and low-cost digital attenuator with high resolution, high speed, high attenuation range, and high power handling (blocking technique only). OZ Optics’ digital attenuator is a handheld unit, CE approved. These attenuators have low insertion loss, low back-reflection, low PDL, and flat wavelength response. These units can be calibrated for up to 4 wavelengths, for C or L bands. Alternatively, the unit can be calibrated for a continuous range. By using interpolation between the calibration wavelengths, the unit is capable of providing accurate attenuation levels over a continuous, broad range of wavelengths.

Fiber Optics Components Collimators

The complete line of fiber collimators and focusers with low back-reflection, designed to collimate or focus light exiting a fiber to the desired beam diameter or spot size. By utilizing diffraction-limited lenses, spot sizes of a few microns can be achieved. These devices can be used with laser diodes, photodiodes, acousto-optic modulators, and other fiber optic devices. Collimators and focusers can be used as matched pairs to couple light in and out of optical devices. This makes them ideal for fiber packaging of devices

Fiber Optics Components Fused Couplers Splitters

Fused couplers are used to split optical signals between two fibers, or to combine optical signals from two fibers into one fiber. They are constructed by fusing and tapering two fibers together. This method provides a simple, rugged, and compact method of splitting and combining optical signals. Typical excess losses are as low as 0.2dB while splitting ratios are accurate to within ±5 percent at the design wavelength. The devices are bi-directional and offer low back-reflection. The technique is best suited to single-mode and multimode couplers

Fiber Optics Component Polarization Maintaining Patchcord

Polarization Maintaining (PM) patchcord is based on a high precision butt-style connection technique. The PM axis orientation is maintained by using male connectors with a positioning key and a bulkhead female receptacle with a tightly toleranced keyway, ensuring good repeatability in extinction ratios and insertion losses.

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