Access Laser CO2 Lasers

Access Laser CO2 Lasers

Access Laser has a variety of base models, which can be built up and tuned for industry-leading stability, wavelength selection, polarization purity, or other options depending on specifications. The company manufacture CO2 lasers longwave (9.0 to 11.4µm) and midwave (5.2 to 5.8µm) infrared lasers for R&D, advanced manufacturing, and more. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the authorised distributor in Singapore.

The L3 is the world’s smallest CO2 laser with a portable light source that can be battery powered for field use. The innovative design allows for air-cooled, fan-cooled or, in laboratory environments when power stability is critical, water-cooled options. 


  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Reference Source

The L4 is a pivotal design for researchers conducting power sensitive research in the mid- and longwave infrared spectral regime. The innovative design provides compatibility to the full array of Access Laser enabling technologies. Combining this flexibility with a compact and robust design, grants researchers and original equipment manufacturers alike an attractive platform.


  • Rocket Propellant Decomposition Kinetics Analysis
  • Scanning – Scattering Nearfield Optical Microscopy

Access Laser CO2 Laser L4-GAccess Laser CO2 Laser L4-GS

The L5 is a versatile laser platform, originally designed for highly demanding industrial environments required to mark and code printed circuit boards. However, this affordable system can be adapted for other high-performance applications simply by changing from fan cooling to water cooling.


  • Novel Photodetector Testing
  • IR Holography

Access Laser CO2 Laser L5-DAccess Laser CO2 Laser L5-LST

The L15 is ideally suited for high volume, design-integrated applications. The economical design allows for competitive pricing and leading performance among similar sealed, RF-excited CO2 lasers.


  • Soft-Tissue Dental Surgery
  • Skin Resurfacing

Access Laser CO2 Laser L15-D

The AL20 was designed for integration into an industrial manufacturing environment. Yet it still provides uncompromised performance with cost-effective reliability. With these traits in mind, the AL20 provides outstanding results when using any of the ALC technologies with fan-cooled stability.


  • IR Multi-Photon Dissociation
  • Laser-Compton Scattering

Access Laser CO2 Laser AL20-GAccess Laser CO2 Laser AL20-D

When your application requires fast processing speeds and high-resolution performance, depend on the AL30 to provide both. With a specially designed resonator the output is guaranteed to have a Mless than 1.1 and a TEM00 mode. The ability to focus this virtually ideal beam allows the user to obtain the smallest obtainable spot size thus maximizing power density in the final application.


  • Interferometry
  • Optical Component Fabrication

Access Laser CO2 Laser AL30-GLSZAccess Laser CO2 Laser AL30-ST

This is the laser industry’s highest power, true cylindrical waveguide, RF-excited, sealed CO2 laser. The AL50 is a no-compromise solution for the most demanding applications: from non-stop 24/7 semiconductor manufacturing, to leading edge research and development.


  • Optically Pumped, High Power Terahertz Source
  • Ultra-Cold Atom Trapping

The DL500 is the world’s first CO2 laser specifically designed for performing quick, pain-free hard tissue dental surgery. The innovative design allows for air or fan cooling, reducing the dental workstation weight and size, and making it easy to manoeuvre in dental offices.


  • All-tissue Dental Surgery

Access Laser CO2 Laser DL500

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