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Ultrafast Mirrors

Ultrafast mirrors have high laser-induced damage thresholds, greater reflectance, and low Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) effects on the ultrashort pulses. They are utilized in the beam steering applications with Ti:Sapphire, Yb:YAG, Yb:KGW and Er:Fiber laser fundamental wavelengths as well as their harmonics. Ultrafast laser mirrors are used in various fields including spectroscopy, material processing, and the medical industry.


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Part NumberWavelength (nm)Dimension (mm)Thickness (mm)MaterialGroup Delay Dispersion
RFS-1-6.35-UM1355 – 45525.46.35Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-30-5-UM1355 – 45530.05.00Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1.5-6.35-UM1355 – 45538.16.35Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1.5-9.5-UM1355 – 45538.19.50Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-2-9.5-UM1355 – 45550.89.50Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1-6.35-UM2460 – 59025.46.35Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-30-5-UM2460 – 59030.05.00Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1.5-6.35-UM2460 – 59038.16.35Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1.5-9.5-UM2460 – 59038.19.50Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-2-9.5-UM2460 – 59050.89.50Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1-6.35-UM3970 – 115025.46.35Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-30-5-UM3970 – 115030.05.00Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1.5-6.35-UM3970 – 115038.16.35Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-1.5-9.5-UM3970 – 115038.19.50Fused Silica< 30 fs²
RFS-2-9.5-UM3970 – 115050.89.50Fused Silica< 30 fs²

Ultrafast Mirrors Diagram 2Ultrafast Mirrors DiagramMaterial: Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.2mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm
Surface Quality: 20/10 S-D
Clear Aperture: >80%
Reflectance: >99%
Angle of Incidence: 45°
Flatness: < λ/10 @ 632.8nm
Group Delay Dispersion: < 30fs² (for s & p-polarized light)
Coating: HR
Damage Threshold: >100mJ/cm² @ 800nm, 50fs, 50Hz

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