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Laser Line Mirrors

Laser line mirrors are designed with reflectivity R > 99.5% for Nd YAG laser applications. The laser line mirrors are available with us at fundamental line 1064nm with their harmonics 532nm, 355nm, and 266nm for 45° angle of incidence. These mirrors have a higher damage threshold, high optical quality, and are suitable for beam-guiding applications. Any different wavelength laser lines and different angles of incidence are provided upon request.


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Part NumberWavelength (nm)Dia (mm)ET (mm)MaterialReflectivity (%)
RBK-19-3YG1064 / 532193BK799.5
RBK-19-3YGR1064 / 650 / 532193BK799.5
RBK-0.75-3YR1064 / 65019.13BK799.5
RBK-25-3YG1064 / 532253BK799.5
RBK-25-3YGR1064 / 650 / 532253BK799.5
RBK-25-1AY1064 / 755251BK799.5
RBK-1-7YG1064 / 53225.47BK799.5
RFS-19-51064195Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-9.5106425.49.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-30-51064305Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1.5-9.5106438.19.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-50-51064505Fused Silica99.5
RFS-50-41064504Fused Silica99.5
RFS-2-9.5106450.89.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-9.5G53225.49.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1.5-9.5G53238.19.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-2-9.5G53250.89.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-0.75-3.2U35519.13.2Fused Silica99.5
RFS-0.75-9.5U35519.19.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-20-2U355202Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-3U35525.43Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-6.3106425.46.3Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-6.3G53225.46.3Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-6U35525.46Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-6.3U35525.46.3Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-9.5U35525.49.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-30-5U35530.15Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1.5-3U35538.13Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1.5-9.5U35538.19.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-38.5-3U35538.53Fused Silica99.5
RFS-50-5U355505Fused Silica99.5
RFS-2-6.3U35550.86.3Fused Silica99.5
RFS-2-9.5U35550.89.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1-9.5V26625.49.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-30-5V266305Fused Silica99.5
RFS-1.5-9.5V26638.19.5Fused Silica99.5
RFS-2-9.5V26650.89.5Fused Silica99.5

HR @ 350-400nmHR @ 510-580nmHR @ 950-1150nm
Narrowband Mirror DiagramNarrow Band Laser Mirrors Diagram 2Narrowband Mirror Diagram 3 
Substrate Material: N-BK7 & Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.25mm
Surface Quality: 10/5 S-D
Clear Aperture: >90%
Reflectance: >99% at 45°
Angle of Incidence: 0-45°
Flatness: < λ/10 @ 632.8nm
Group Delay Dispersion: < 30fs² (for s & p-polarized light)
Coating: HR @ 350-400nm / 510-580nm / 950-1150nm
Damage Threshold @ 20ns, 20Hz: 20 J/cm2 for 1064nm / 15 J/cm2 for 532nm / 10 J/cm2 for 355nm

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