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Edge Filters

Edge filter is categorized into long pass and short pass filters. A long pass filter transmits light greater than the cut-on wavelength and blocks shorter wavelengths. Short pass filter transmits light less than the cut-off wavelengths and blocks larger wavelengths. A long pass and short pass filter can be combined to customize bandpass filters. Edge filters are used to separate spectral regions such as in microscopy, industrial, or life science applications.


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Product NamePart NumberDiameter (mm)Cut-on/Cut-off λ (nm)Blocking λ (nm)Transmitting λ (nm)T (%)
UV Cut-off FilterLPF-390-125.4390200-380390-2000> 80
Long Pass FilterLPF-420-125.4420200-410430-1100> 95
Long Pass FilterLPF-450-125.4450200-440460-1100> 95
Long Pass FilterLPF-470-125.4470200-460480-1100> 95
Long Pass FilterLPF-550-125.4550300-540560-1100> 95
Long Pass FilterLPF-630-125.4630300-620640-1100> 95
NIR Long Pass FilterLPF-650-125.4650200-640650-2000>70
NIR Long Pass FilterLPF-780-125.4780300-770790-1100> 95
NIR Long Pass FilterLPF-1050-125.41050350-10001050-2200>70
IR Long Pass FilterLPF-1550-125.41550350-15001550-2200>70
IR Long Pass FilterLPF-1650-125.41650350-16401650-2200>70
Short Pass FilterSPF-450-125.4450450-1200400-450>80
Short Pass FilterSPF-490-125.4490490-1100400-490> 90
Short Pass FilterSPF-550-125.4550550-1100400-550> 90
Short Pass FilterSPF-590-125.4590590-1100400-590> 90
Short Pass FilterSPF-600-125.4600600-1100400-600> 90
IR Cut-Off FilterSPF-650-125.4650650-1100400-650> 90
IR Cut-Off FilterSPF-700-125.4700700-1100400-700> 90
IR Cut-Off FilterSPF-710-125.4710710-1200400-700>80
IR Cut-Off FilterSPF-800-125.4800800-1100700-800> 90
IR Cut-Off FilterSPF-900-125.4900900-1100700-900> 90
IR Cut-Off FilterSPF-990-125.4990990-1100700-990> 90
IR Cut-Off FilterSPF-1050-125.410501050-1200700-1000>80
IR Short Pass FilterSPF-1550-125.415501550-2000700-1540>80
IR Short Pass FilterSPF-1650-125.416501650-2000700-1640>80

Glass Filters Edge Diagram 2Glass Filters Edge DiagramDiameter Tolerance: +0/-0.2mm
Clear Aperture: >90%
Thickness: <10mm
Cut-on Tolerance: ±2nm
Cut-off Tolerance: ±2nm
Peak Transmission: >70-80%
Optical Density: > 4-6
CWL Shift: <0.02nm/℃

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