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Biochemical Filters

A biochemical filter transmits a certain range of wavelengths (passband) and restricts unwanted wavelengths. The transmission percentage of a filter can be improved by coating the surface. As the name goes, the biochemical filter is widely used in biochemical applications.


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Part NumberDiameter (mm)Center λ (nm)FWHM (nm)Blocking λ (nm)T(%)
BCF-450-1-825.44508200-1000> 80
BCF-470-1-1025.447010200-1000> 80
BCF-490-1-1025.449010300-1100> 85
BCF-492-1-1025.449210300-1100> 85
BCF-510-1-1025.451010300-1200> 80
BCF-555-1-1025.455510300-1200> 70
BCF-635-1-7025.463570400-1050> 85
BCF-650-1-3025.465030300-1100> 85
BCF-650-1-5025.465050300-1100> 85
BCF-850-1-3025.485030400-1100> 90
BCF-850-1-6025.485060400-1100> 85
BCF-905-1-7025.490570380-1100> 90

Biochemical Filters 1Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.2mm
Clear Aperture: >90%
CWL Tolerance: ±2nm
FWHM: 10±2nm
Scratch Dig:  40-20 S-D

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