Optical Filter - Bandpass Filter

Bandpass Filters

A bandpass filter transmits a certain range of wavelengths (passband) and restricts unwanted wavelengths. These are angle-sensitive filters, so be careful while integrating them into a system. The transmission percentage of a filter can be improved by coating the surface. The bandpass filter is available in a different range of bandwidths (narrow or broad) and in different spectral (UV, VIS, NIR or IR) regions. Applications include fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, imaging, and many other fields.

Product NamePart NumberDia (mm)Center λ (nm)FWHM (nm)Blocking λ (nm)T (%)
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-266-525.42665200-1200> 90
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-266-1025.426610200-1200> 90
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-355-525.43555200-1200> 90
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-355-1025.435510200-1200> 90
Visible Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-532-525.45325200-1200> 90
Visible Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-532-1025.453210200-1200> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-980-525.49805200-1200> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-980-1025.498010200-1200> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-1064-525.410645200-3000> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-1064-1025.4106410200-3000> 90
IR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-1550-525.415505200-3000> 90
IR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBPF-1550-1025.4155010200-3000> 90
UV Broadband BPFBPF-266-2525.426625200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBPF-266-5025.426650200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBPF-266-10025.4266100200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBPF-355-2525.435525200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBPF-355-5025.435550200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBPF-355-10025.4355100200-1200> 90
Visible Broadband BPFBPF-532-2525.453225200-1200> 90
Visible Broadband BPFBPF-532-5025.453250200-1200> 90
Visible Broadband BPFBPF-532-10025.4532100200-1200> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBPF-980-2525.498025200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBPF-980-5025.498050200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBPF-980-10025.4980100200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBPF-1064-2525.4106425200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBPF-1064-5025.4106450200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBPF-1064-10025.41064100200-3000> 90
IR Broadband BPFBPF-1550-2525.4155025200-3000> 90
IR Broadband BPFBPF-1550-5025.4155050200-3000> 90
IR Broadband BPFBPF-1550-10025.41550100200-3000> 90

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Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.2mm
Clear Aperture: >90%
Thickness: <10mm
CWL Tolerance: ±2nm
FWHM: 10±2nm
Peak Transmission: >90%
Optical Density: > 4-6 @ 200-3000nm
CWL Shift: <0.02nm/℃

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