Optical Filter



Product NamePart NumberDia (mm)Center λ (nm)FWHM (nm)Blocking λ (nm)T (%)
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-266-525.42665200-1200> 90
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-266-1025.426610200-1200> 90
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-355-525.43555200-1200> 90
UV Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-355-1025.435510200-1200> 90
Visible Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-532-525.45325200-1200> 90
Visible Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-532-1025.453210200-1200> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-980-525.49805200-1200> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-980-1025.498010200-1200> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-1064-525.410645200-3000> 90
NIR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-1064-1025.4106410200-3000> 90
IR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-1550-525.415505200-3000> 90
IR Laser Line/Narrow BPFBF-1550-1025.4155010200-3000> 90
UV Broadband BPFBF-266-2525.426625200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBF-266-5025.426650200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBF-266-10025.4266100200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBF-355-2525.435525200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBF-355-5025.435550200-1200> 90
UV Broadband BPFBF-355-10025.4355100200-1200> 90
Visible Broadband BPFBF-532-2525.453225200-1200> 90
Visible Broadband BPFBF-532-5025.453250200-1200> 90
Visible Broadband BPFBF-532-10025.4532100200-1200> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBF-980-2525.498025200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBF-980-5025.498050200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBF-980-10025.4980100200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBF-1064-2525.4106425200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBF-1064-5025.4106450200-3000> 90
NIR Broadband BPFBF-1064-10025.41064100200-3000> 90
IR Broadband BPFBF-1550-2525.4155025200-3000> 90
IR Broadband BPFBF-1550-5025.4155050200-3000> 90
IR Broadband BPFBF-1550-10025.41550100200-3000> 90


Glass Filters Bandpass Diagram Glass Filters Bandpass Diagram 2

A filter that transmits a certain range of wavelengths (passband) and restricts unwanted wavelengths is called a Bandpass Filter. These are angle-sensitive filters, so be careful while integrating into a system. The transmission percentage of a filter can be improved by coating the surface. Applications include fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, imaging, and many other fields.

We are presenting Bandpass Filters in a range of bandwidths (narrow & broad) and in different spectral (UV, Visible, NIR & IR) regions. Customize options are available.

Diameter Tolerance:
Clear Aperture: >90%
Thickness: <10mm
CWL Tolerance: ±2nm
FWHM: 10±2nm
Peak Transmission: >90%
Optical Density: > 4 @ 200-3000nm
CWL Shift: <0.02nm/℃


Product NamePart NumberDia (mm)Cut-on/Cut-off λ (nm)Blocking λ (nm)Transmitting λ (nm)T (%)
UV Cut-off FilterLF-390-125.4390200-380390-2000> 80
Long Pass FilterLF-450-125.4450200-440450-2000> 80
NIR Long Pass FilterLF-650-125.4650200-640650-2000>70
NIR Long Pass FilterLF-1050-125.41050350-10001050-2200>70
NIR Long Pass FilterLF-1550-125.41550350-15001550-2200>70
IR Long Pass FilterLF-1650-125.41650350-16401650-2200>70
UV Short Pass FilterSF-390-125.4390390-1200200-380>80
Short Pass FilterSF-450-125.4450450-1200400-450>80
IR Cut-Off FilterSF-710-125.4710710-1200400-700>80
IR Cut-Off FilterSF-1050-125.410501050-1200700-1000>80
IR Short Pass FilterSF-1550-125.415501550-2000700-1540>80
IR Short Pass FilterSF-1650-125.416501650-2000700-1640>80


 Glass Filters Edge Diagram Glass Filters Edge Diagram 2

Edge filter is categorized into two types, Long Pass and Short Pass Filters. Long pass filters transmit light greater than the cut-on wavelength and block shorter wavelengths. Short pass filters transmit light less than the cut-off wavelengths and block larger wavelengths. A long pass and short pass filters can be combined to customize bandpass filters. Edge filters are used to separate spectral regions such as in microscopy, industrial, or life science applications.

We offer these filters in UV, Visible, NIR, and IR spectral regions with different cut-on and cut-off wavelengths and also can custom-make.

Diameter Tolerance:
Clear Aperture: >90%
Thickness: <10mm
Cut-on Tolerance: ±2nm
Cut-off Tolerance: ±2nm
Peak Transmission: >70-80%
Optical Denity: > 4
CWL Shift: <0.02nm/℃


Product NamePart NumberDia (mm)ODThickness (mm)Coating λ (nm)
Absorptive NDFNDF-FS-UV-A25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0250-400
Absorptive NDFNDF-SCH-VIS-A25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0400-700
Absorptive NDFNDF-SCH-NIR-A25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0750-1100
Absorptive NDFNDF-SCH-IR1-A25.40.1-3.01.0/2.01100-1700
Absorptive NDFNDF-SCH-IR2-A25.40.1-3.01.0/2.01700-2000
Absorptive NDFNDF-BK-VIS-A25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0400-700
Absorptive NDFNDF-BK-NIR-A25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0750-1100
Reflective NDFNDF-FS-UV-R25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0250-400
Reflective NDFNDF-BK-VIS-R25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0400-700
Reflective NDFNDF-BK-NIR-R25.40.1-3.01.0/2.0750-1100


Glass Filters Neutral Density Diagram

Neutral Density Filters can be absorptive or reflective.  These filters evenly attenuate the transmission across a certain spectrum by absorbing or reflecting non-transmitted light.  Hence, they are used in imaging applications to prevent damage or inaccuracy from excessive light for instance in-camera, photometer, and light control applications.

These filters are available with us in UV, Visible, NIR, and IR spectral regions and in a range of optical densities (0.1–3).  Upon request, other than the available optical densities, sizes, thickness, and options in coatings will be provided.

Schott glass, N-BK7, FS
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.2mm
Surface Quality: 60/40
Clear Aperture: >90%
Flatness: <2λ@632.8nm
Parallelism: <5 arc minutes
Chamfer: Protective<0.5mmx45°
OD Tolerance: OD±10%@Design Wavelength


Product NamePart NumberDimension (mm)Cut-on λ (nm)Blocking λ (nm)Transmitting λ (nm)T (%)
IPL FilterIPL-40040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0400200-390400-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-41040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0410200-400410-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-42040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0420200-410420-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-45040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0450200-440450-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-51040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0510200-500510-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-52040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0520200-510520-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-55040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0550200-540550-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-56040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0560200-550560-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-58040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0580200-570580-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-62040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0620200-610620-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-64040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0640200-630640-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-69040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0690200-680690-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-70040.0 x 10.0 x 8.0700200-690700-1200>90
IPL FilterIPL-75540.0 x 10.0 x 8.0755200-745755-1200>90


IPL Filters Diagram

IPL Filter is a principal part of the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Machine, which restricts UV light and transmits 400-1200nm region. Many treatments are feasible using this filter like anti-wrinkle, acne, vascular, hair removal, and skin rejuvenation.

IPL Filters in different dimensions and coating wavelengths are possible as per the customer requirements.

N-BK7, FS, Sapphire
Dimension Tolerance: +0.1/-0.1mm
Surface Quality: 60/40
Clear Aperture: >90%
Flatness: <2λ@632.8nm
Parallelism: <3 arc min

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