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Molded Glass Aspheric Lenses

Wavelength Opto-Electronic offers molded glass aspheric lenses in a variety of focal lengths. These infinite conjugate aspheric lenses can be used to either collimate a laser diode or other point source. As a laser diode collimator, these molded aspheric lenses are designed to produce a collimated single-mode beam with low wavefront error.

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Part No.EFL (mm)NAOD (mm)WD (mm)Design WL (nm)MaterialAR Coating
*(-A,- B, -C)
LMAS-3.0-, B, C
LMAS-4.5-2.752.750.644.501.50830D-ZLAF52LAA, B, C
LMAS-6.32-, B, C
LMAS-6.35-6.436.430.436.354.70830D-ZK2NA, B, C
LMAS-9.94-, B, C
LMAS-8.0-11.1811.180.318.009.69635D-ZK2NA, B, C
LMAS-6.32-13.8513.850.186.3312.10650D-ZK3A, B, C
LMAS-8.0-22.5822.580.158.0021.25532D-ZK2NA, B, C

*A: 400-700nm
  B: 650-1100nm
  C: 1050-1700nm


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Each precision molded asphere is replicated from a long-lifetime mold for highly consistent performance. The replicated glass asphere molding process lends itself well to making lenses that are both high-performance and highly cost-effective.

Each molded asphere lens is AR coated to reduce reflections to the light source and increase transmission efficiency. Multilayer broadband AR coatings are available spanning three wavelength ranges: “A” (400-700nm), “B” (650-1100nm), and “C” (1050-1700nm).

  • Collimates or focuses laser light
  • Ideal for laser diode and fiber modules
  • High-NA to capture the full LD fast axis
  • Variety of focal lengths offered

Machined aspheres: additionally, for small volumes and prototyping, we can manufacture CNC-machined or diamond-turned aspheres with our more than 20 asphere machines. These capabilities also extend well to large (>250mm) diameter aspheres.

IR molded aspheric lenses: for collimating quantum cascade lasers (QCL) and interband cascade lasers, we offer IR molded aspheric lenses made from chalcogenide glass.

Plastic aspheric lenses: for higher volume and cost-sensitive applications, we can mold plastic aspheres. These are ideal for consumer products incorporating lower power lasers. For imaging applications, we can also provide multi-element lenses incorporating plastic aspheric lens elements.


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