Medical Laser Window

We provide windows for varieties of medical laser systems such as CO2, Q-switched Nd:YAG, ER:YAG, Ruby and Alex Laser systems. These optics have been used as replacements in most well-known medical systems such as Con-Bio, ESC, Sharplan, Candela and Coherent.

Laser Optics Medical Laser Optics Medical Laser Windows Diagram


Diameter Tolerance


Thickness Tolerance



< 3 arc min.

Clear Aperture


Surface Flatness

λ/4 per 1″Dia@632.8nm

Surface Quality

40-20 S-D

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)Dia (mm)ET (mm)MaterialApplications
Medical Laser WindowWFS-3.5-1E29403.51Fused SilicaEr:YAG
Medical Laser WindowWSP-15.7-1.11064/75015.71.1Sapphire-
Medical Laser WindowWSP-1-31064/75025.43Sapphire-
Medical Laser WindowWBK-0.5-2N1064/53212.72BK7Nd:YAG
Medical Laser WindowWBK-0.6-2N1064/53215.22BK7Nd:YAG
Medical Laser WindowWBK-0.75-2.5N1064/53219.12.5BK7Nd:YAG
Medical Laser WindowWBK-1-3N1064/53225.43BK7Nd:YAG
Medical Laser WindowWBK-1.5-4N1064/53238.14BK7Nd:YAG
Medical Laser WindowWBK-16-1A755/633161BK7Alex Laser
Medical Laser WindowWBK-0.5-2R694/63312.72BK7Ruby
Medical Laser WindowWBK-0.6-2R694/63315.22BK7Ruby
Medical Laser WindowWBK-0.75-2.5R694/63319.12.5BK7Ruby
Medical Laser WindowWBK-1-3R694/63325.43BK7Ruby
Medical Laser WindowWBK-1.5-4R694/63338.14BK7Ruby

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