Medical Laser Mirror & Reflector

We provide a full range of medical grade mirrors for medical laser applications, and these mirrors is compatible replacements in most medical laser systems.

Laser Optics Medical Laser Optics Medical Laser Mirrors & Reflectors Diagram


Diameter Tolerance


Thickness Tolerance



< 3 arc min.

Clear Aperture


Surface Flatness

λ/4 per 1″Dia@632.8nm

Surface Quality

40-20 S-D

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)Dia (mm)ET (mm)AOI (deg)Material
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-25-3YG1064/53225345BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-1-6.3106425.46.345BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-25-3YGR1064/650/53225345BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-25-1AY1064/75525145BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-2-5-80880850.8545BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-1-6.3G53225.46.345BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-30-5G53230545BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRBK-30-5GR532/64530545BK7
Medical Laser MirrorRFS-50-5106450545Fused Silica
Medical Laser MirrorRFS-30-5U35530545Fused Silica
Medical Laser MirrorRFS-2-6.3U35550.86.345Fused Silica
Medical Laser MirrorRSI-1-3-E294025.43.045Silicon

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