7 Joint Articulated Arm for CO2 Laser

Medical Laser Optics Articular Arm

Our 7-joint articulated arm is one kind of flexible beam transferring system. It is assembled by high precision machining parts and high precision bearings, with a red light indicator function, to achieve high precision medical manual operation. The hand piece can swing freely in the three-dimensional space, work perfectly with different kinds of vertical and horizontal laser treatment equipment, to realize a variety of therapeutic functions of the laser cutting, burning, physical therapy, face-lifting, etc.
1.Beam energy total loss < 6%. (including protection lens)
2.Seven-joint 360°Rotate freely work
3.Use spring type work principle, move more flexible, feels very soft
4.Double wave laser;
5.In front of Focus lens with protection lenses, plating hard membrane, can be cleaned easily;
6.Working radius > 1.3 meters;

Articular Arm Diagram

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