Laser Welding Heads

The laser welding head focuses a high-intensity laser beam onto the workpiece to join two or more pieces of metal together. It’s highly precise and efficient, widely used in many industries such as automotive and aerospace.

Part NumberWavelength (nm)Lens Dia(mm)Collimating FL (mm)Focusing FL (mm)Laser Power (W)
WLD-915-D50-100-150915-98050100150< 3000
WLD-915-D50-100-200915-98050100200< 3000
WLD-915-D50-100-250915-98050100250< 3000
WLD-915-D50-125-150915-98050125150< 3000
WLD-915-D50-125-200915-98050125200< 3000
WLD-915-D50-125-250915-98050125250< 3000
WLD-1070-D30-75-1251030-10803075125< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-75-1501030-10803075150< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-75-2001030-10803075200< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-75-2501030-10803075250< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-100-1251030-108030100125< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-100-1501030-108030100150< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-100-2001030-108030100200< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-100-2501030-108030100250< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-125-1251030-108030125125< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-125-1501030-108030125150< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-125-2001030-108030125200< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-125-2501030-108030125250< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-150-1251030-108030150125< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-150-1501030-108030150150< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-150-2001030-108030150200< 2000
WLD-1070-D30-150-2501030-108030150250< 2000
WLD-1070-D50-100-1501030-108150100150< 3000
WLD-1070-D50-100-2001030-108250100200< 3000
WLD-1070-D50-100-2501030-108350100250< 3000
WLD-1070-D50-125-1501030-108450125150< 3000
WLD-1070-D50-125-2001030-108550125200< 3000
WLD-1070-D50-125-2501030-108650125250< 3000

Part NumberWavelength (nm)Laser N.ACollimating FL (mm)Focusing FL
Laser Power (W)
WLD-915-DJ-70-160915-9800.2270100/160/210< 200
WLD-915-SM-70-160915-9800.2270100/160/210< 200

A laser welding head typically consists of several components that work together to focus and deliver the laser beam to the workpiece. These components may include:

  1. Optics: The laser beam passes through a series of lenses and mirrors that focus and shape the beam to the desired size and shape for the welding process.

  2. Nozzle: A nozzle or gas delivery system is used to deliver a shielding gas (such as argon or nitrogen) to the weld area to prevent oxidation and contamination.

  3. Sensor: Some laser welding heads may include sensors to monitor the welding process and provide feedback on the quality of the weld.

  4. Cooling system: The laser welding head generates a significant amount of heat, so a cooling system is typically included to keep the components of the welding head from overheating.

  5. Mounting mechanism: The laser welding head is typically mounted on a robotic arm or CNC machine, which controls the movement of the welding head during the welding process.

High Power Laser Welding HeadSingle Spot & Area Scan Laser Welding Heads

High Power Laser Welding Head Diagram

High power laser welding heads s are widely used in battery welding, pipe welding, thin steel plate welding, electronic components, instrumentation, medical equipment, small metal parts welding, and in many other material processing industries. WOE offers welding heads of high-power lasers up to 3000W to weld the required material with a camera sensor, temperature sensor, laser power sensor, and QBH connector.

Wavelength: 900-1080nm
Laser Power: 3000W
Input Beam Diameter: 30/50mm
Collimating FL: 75/100/125/150mm
Focusing FL: 125/150/200/250mm
Connector: QBH
Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steels, Gold & Silver, Aluminium, Nickel Alloys, Brass, Copper, Titanium

Single Spot & Area Scan Welding Head Diagram 2

Single spot welding heads weld at a single point whereas area scan welding Head welds at the area you wish to weld the desired workpiece. Single spot welding head is mainly used to repair jewelry made up of gold and silver, to repair dentures and other small parts of nickel alloys, brass & copper, aluminum, and plastic welding. Area scan welding Head is used for mobile phones and other electrical metal pieces, electronic components, medical devices, plastic, and instrumentation. We offer both single spot and area scan welding head with a laser power of less than 200W with a camera sensor and allows customized options of collimating focal length and scan/focusing focal length, temperature sensor, and laser power sensor.

Wavelength: 915-980 nm
Numerical Aperture: 0.22
Laser Power: < 200 W
Collimating FL: 70mm
Scan/Focus FL: 160mm (Optional)
CCD Interface: C/CS
Temperature Sensor Range: 60 – 500°C
Optical Components: Laser, Multi-Axis Motion System, Control Card

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