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Single Spot & Area Scan Laser Welding Head

Single Spot & Area Scan Laser Welding Head

Single Spot Welding Head welds at a single point whereas Area Scan Welding Head welds at the area you wish to weld of the desired workpiece.  Single Spot Welding Head is mainly used to repair jewelry made up of Gold and Silver, to repair dentures and other small parts of Nickel Alloys, Brass & Copper, Aluminium and plastic welding.  Area Scan Welding Head is used for mobile phones and other electrical metal pieces, electronic components, medical devices, plastic, and instrumentation.  WOE offers both Single Spot and Area Scan Welding Head with a laser power of less than 200W with Camera Sensor and allows customized options of collimating focal length and scan/focusing focal length, Temperature Sensor and Laser Power Sensor.

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