Laser Rangefinder

Product TypePart NumberWavelengthMaximum Working DistanceMinimum Working DistanceRanging AccuracyLaser Beam Divergence AnglePointing StabilityDimensionsWeightAccuracyError Rate
Laser RangefinderGTX2.01.54μm ± 0.02μm3km50m±1m≤ 0.5mrad≤ 0.3mrad72 X 50 X 35mm~ 90g≥ 98%≤ 3%
Laser RangefinderGTX4.01.54μm ± 0.02μm6km50m±1m≤ 0.5mrad≤ 0.3mrad105 X 60 X 40mm~ 100g≥ 98%≤ 3%
Laser RangefinderGTX8.01.54μm ± 0.02μm10km50m±1m≤ 0.5mrad≤ 0.3mrad120 X 85 X 65mm~190g≥ 98%≤ 3%

Laser Rangefinder Diagram

The Laser Rangefinder has the capability to measure a target distance and send the information to a computer host. It could be used in but not limited to the following application scenarios:

  • Security Surveillance
  • Laser Measuring Tools
  • Industrial Processes
  • Real Estate Development
  • Sports
  • Construction

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