Beam Profiler

Line Beam or Large Beam Profiler System

Line Beam or Large Beam Profilers System
  • 190 to 1150 nm (model-dependent)
  • Line laser up to 200mm length/ 300mm diameter measurements
  • Software available

Beam Profiler

Beam Profilers Camera
  • From 190 – 14,000nm (model-dependent)
  • CCD, CMOS, and Si microbolometer beam profiling cameras
  • M² option – beam propagation analysis, divergence, focus

Scanning Slit Beam Profiler System

  • Available with Si, Ge, InAs, and InGaAs detectors (model-dependent)
  • Wavelengths from 190 to 3,900 nm
  • Real-time M², divergence, focus, and alignment measurement

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