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ZnSe Axicon Lenses

Axicon focus lenses have one conical surface and are used to produce a ring focus beam. Typically, axicon focus lenses have a second flat surface and are used in combination with a focusing lens. Our high-grade ZnSe Axicon lenses are made from a manufacturing process suited to the axicon angle and the accuracy required. For small angle, high accuracy lenses, the manufacturing process involves diamond-machining.


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Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)Cone Angle (deg)Dia (mm)MaterialET (mm)Assembly
Axicon LensLZAX-1-ET3-140DEG1060014025.4ZnSe3Single
Axicon LensLZAX-1-ET3-160DEG1060016025.4ZnSe3Single
Axicon LensLZAX-1-ET3-170DEG1060017025.4ZnSe3Single
Axicon LensLZAX-1-ET3-175DEG1060017525.4ZnSe3Single
Axicon LensLZAX-1-ET3-178DEG1060017825.4ZnSe3Single
Axicon LensLZAX-1-ET3-179.5DEG10600179.525.4ZnSe3Single


Standard Axicon lens – Axicon cone angle equal to 180°-2α

(+/-0.01 deg): α (°)
Cone Angle 140°: 20°
Cone Angle 160°: 10°
Cone Angle 165°: 7.5°
Cone Angle 170°:
Cone Angle 175°: 2.5°
Cone Angle 179.5°: 0.25°= 15'

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