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Cylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical lenses are used to focus an incoming beam in a single focal line than at a single focal point, it comes with both positive and negative focal lengths. They are either round or rectangular objects with cylindrically shaped surfaces, either in plano-concave or plano-convex. They differ from spherical lenses in that they focus a beam on a focal line rather than a focal point. Its applications include laser scanners, laser diode systems, spectrophotometers, projectors, and optical data storage and retrieval systems. Wavelength Opto-Electronic design and manufacture cylindrical lenses of different specifications in either optical glass or ZnSe material.

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Part No.MaterialWavelength (nm)Dimension (mm)EFL (mm)CT (mm)Type
LCY-10×10-0.5-2N-BK7106410.0 x
LCY-10X10-20-2N-BK7106410.0 x
LCY-10X10-25-2N-BK7106410.0 x
LCY-10X20-0.5-2N-BK7106410.0 x
LCY-10X20-20-2N-BK7106410.0 x
LCY-10X20-25-2N-BK7106410.0 x
LCY-20X20-50-2N-BK7106420.0 x
LCY-20X20-75-2N-BK7106420.0 x
LCY-20X20-100-3N-BK7106420.0 x 20.0100.04.0Plano-Convex
LCY-20X20-150-3N-BK7106420.0 x 20.0150.03.7Plano-Convex
LCY-20X20-200-3N-BK7106420.0 x 20.0200.03.5Plano-Convex
LCY-20X20-250-3N-BK7106420.0 x 20.0250.03.4Plano-Convex
LCY-20X20-300-3N-BK7106420.0 x 20.0300.03.3Plano-Convex
LCY-20X20-500-3N-BK7106420.0 x 20.0500.03.2Plano-Convex
LCY-20X20-1000-3N-BK7106420.0 x 20.01000.03.1Plano-Convex
LCY-10X10+0.5-4.3N-BK7106410.0 x10.0-12.72.0Plano-Concave
LCY-10×10+25-3N-BK7106410.0 x 10.0-25.02.0Plano-Concave
LCY-10×20+0.5-4.3N-BK7106410.0 x 20.0-12.72.0Plano-Concave
LCY-10×20+25-3N-BK7106410.0 x 20.0-25.02.0Plano-Concave
LCY-20×20+50-4N-BK7106420.0 x 20.0-50.02.0Plano-Concave
LZCY-25.4×25.4-25ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.425.45.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-38ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.438.15.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-50ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.450.85.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-63ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.463.55.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-76ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.476.23.8Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-101ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4101.65.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-127ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4127.05.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-190ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4190.55.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-254ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4254.05.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4-381ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4381.05.0Plano-Convex
LZCY-50.8×50.8-127ZnSe10600/940050.8 x 50.8127.06.5Plano-Convex
LZCY-50.8×50.8-254ZnSe10600/940050.8 x 50.8254.06.5Plano-Convex
LZCY-25.4×25.4+38.1ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4-38.14.0Plano-Concave
LZCY-25.4×25.4+72.4ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4-72.42.5Plano-Concave
LZCY-25.4×25.4+254ZnSe10600/940025.4 x 25.4-254.03.0Plano-Concave

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A cylindrical lens is a type of optical lens that has a cylindrical shape, with a curved surface on one side and a flat surface on the other. The curved surface is designed to refract light in one direction only, either horizontally or vertically, while the flat surface allows the lens to be mounted and secured in place. Cylindrical lenses come in various sizes, they can be designed with different levels of curvature and refractive power, depending on the specific application and the desired outcome.

Cylindrical lenses are used for a variety of optical applications where light needs to be focused or reshaped in a specific direction. Here are some of the most common reasons why cylindrical lenses are used:

Beam shaping: Cylindrical lenses can be used to shape laser beams or other types of light beams to have a specific profile, such as a line or ellipse. This can be useful in a variety of applications, including barcode scanning, projection systems, and laser cutting.

Optical communication: Cylindrical lenses are used in optical communication systems to help focus light into a fiber optic cable, or to expand the beam of light as it exits the cable.

Optical instruments: Cylindrical lenses are used in a variety of optical instruments, such as microscopes and telescopes, to focus or reshape light as it passes through the system.

Glass Cylindrical Lenses

Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.25mm
Parallelism: ≤ 10arcsec or 30 ± 5arcmin
Clear Aperture: ≥ 85% of central diameter
Surface Quality: 10–5 Scratch & Dig
AR Coating: R≤0.25% per surface @ 1064nm (Single Wavelength) | R≤0.3% @ 1064nm (Dual Wavelength)
Damage Threshold: 10J/cm2, 10ns, 20Hz @ 1064nm (Single Wavelength) | 3.5J/cm2, 10ns, 20Hz @ 532nm (Dual Wavelength) | 7J/cm2, 10ns, 20Hz @ 1064nm (Dual Wavelength)

ZnSe Cylindrical Lenses

Dimension Tolerance: +0/-0.13mm
Thickness Tolerance: 
Focal Length Tolerance: 
Edge Thickness Variation (ETV): 
≤3 arc min.
Clear Aperture: 
Surface Flatness:
 λ/4 per 1″Dia@632.8nm
Surface Quality:
 60-40 S-DAR
R<0.2% per surface @10.6μm


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