Laser Cutting Heads

A laser cutting head is a module of a laser cutting machine that focuses the laser beam onto the material being cut. It is typically made up of a nozzle and lens assembly that is mounted on a moving arm or gantry, which directs the laser beam to the exact location where the cut is to be made. The laser cutting head also contains a series of mirrors that help to steer and focus the laser beam. Different types of laser cutting heads may be used depending on the material being cut and the specific requirements of the job.

Part NumberWavelength (μm)Input Beam (mm)Focused Spot Size (μm)Depth of Focus (mm)Working Distance (mm)Remark
LCH-10.6-00210.62140.4± 0.84.50Bended
LCH-10.6-00510.62149.4± 0.84.08Straight

Part NumberFocal Length
Clear Aperture
Cutting Thickness
Applicable Laser Power (W)

Part NumberFocal Length (mm)Lens Dia (mm)Mirror Size (mm)Wavelength (μm)

Part NumberFocal Length (mm)Lens Dia (mm)Mirror Size (mm)Wavelength

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Compact CO2 Cutting Heads

Compact laser cutting heads are the ideal solution for plastic cutting in the automobile industry utilizing < 150W low power.

Maximum Power: 150W
Input Beam: 2mm
Wavelength: 10.6μm
Focused Spot Size: 0.15mm
Depth of Focus: +/-0.8mm
Working Distance: 4mm

Fiber Laser Cutting Heads

The fiber laser cutting head has a Wavelength from 1030-1080nm, input diameter of <40mm, water-cooled system, using a connection of QBH or QCS, 150V-220V power supply of height controller, and height sensing unit.

Laser Wavelength: 1030-1080nm
Input Diameter: <40mm
Cooling Method: Water Cooled
Connection: QBH or QCS
Power Supply Of Height Controller: 150V-220V (to be specified)
Including HSU: Height Sensing Unit

Single FL CO2 Laser Cutting Heads

The single FL laser cutting head has a 1.5〞Dia reflecting mirror, reflectivity >99.5%, adjustable mirror mount, focal length of your choice, built-in water/air cooling device, linear guide, Nozzle and gas jet port.

Maximum Power: <500W
Cooling: Water or Air Cooled
Working Distance Adjustable Range: 0-40mm
Nozzle Adjustable Range In X/Y: +/-1mm
Nozzle Adjustable Range In Z: +/-1mm
Maximum Input Beam Diameter: 24mm
Mirror Tilt Angle: Adjustable, +/-3 degree

Switchable FL CO2 Laser Cutting Heads

The switchable FL laser cutting heads have a 1.5〞Dia reflecting mirror, reflectivity >99.5%, adjustable mirror mount, switchable focal lens for different focal lengths, built-in water/air cooling device, drawer-type focal lens mounting, nozzle, and gas jet port.


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