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Fiber laser collimators are easy to operate and installed with QBH interface, an in-built water-cooling system to cool the lens, and come with a wide selection range of focal lengths.  This product is suitable for collimation in laser processing systems such as laser cutting and welding, especially for the kilowatt processing system.


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Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)EFL (mm)Lens Dia (mm)Optional Interface
Laser CollimatorCOL-450-D30-F504505030QBH/SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-450-D40-F684506840QBH/SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-450-D42-F754507542QBH/SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-450-D52-F10045010052QBH/SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-450-D60-F110Q45011060QBH/SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-450-D75-F12545012575QBH/SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-900-D25-F30900-9153025SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-900-D30-F50900-9155030SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F301030-10803025QBH/SMA
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F41.51030-108041.525QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F50-NA0.221030-10805025QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F60-NA0.1731030-10806025QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F60-NA0.1861030-10806025QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F83-NA0.1311030-10808325QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F85-NA0.1291030-10808525QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F100-NA0.111030-108010025QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D25-F1501030-108015025QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D30-F751030-10807530QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D30-F851030-10808530QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D30-F1001030-108010030QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D30-F1251030-108012530QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D30-F1501030-108015030QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D40-F801030-10808040QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D40-F100-NA0.221030-108010040QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D40-F120-NA0.1671030-108012040QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D40-F150-NA0.1331030-108015040QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D50-F671030-10806750QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D50-F120-NA0.1871030-108012050QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D50-F160-NA0.1471030-108016050QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D50-F200-NA0.1161030-108020050QBH
Laser CollimatorCOL-1070-D50-F250-NA0.0941030-108025050QBH

A laser collimator works by converging a divergent beam, by one or a group of positive focal length lenses, to make the beam be collimated to the optical axis. For example, if the beam emitting from a fiber laser tip is small and divergent at an angle of a few degrees, the collimator can collimate the beam to be larger in diameter but with a very small divergent angle.

Laser Collimators DiagramWavelength: 450, 900-915, 1060-1080nm
Cooling Method: Water-cool
Lens Diameter: 25, 40, 50mm
Focal Length: 50 – 250mm
Optional Interface: QBH/QB              
Laser Power: < 1000W for 25mm Lens Diameter, < 2000W for 40mm Lens Diameter, < 3000W for 50mm Lens Diameter

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