Laser Optics Laser Cleaning Head

Laser Cleaning Heads

The laser cleaning head is hand-held, compact, efficient, and simple to use which can be easily integrated into robots with a high degree of automation. It ensures no surface damage with contactless cleaning. The laser cleaning head helps in protecting the environment as this cleaning method does not require the use of any chemicals, water or fluids. Applications include de-coating, pre-treatment before coating, stain, and rust removal.

Part NumberWavelength (nm)Focal Length (mm)Beam Diameter (mm)Power (W)

Wavelength: 1000-1100nm
Power: 100W, 200W, 500W
Fiber Interface: QBH/QCS
Focus Spot Size: <1mm
Beam Diameter: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm
Cooling Method: Air/Water Cooling

Laser Cleaning Introduction Application Note

Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-energy laser beams to irradicate the surface of the workpiece of any dirt, rust, or unwanted coatings on the surface. The layer evaporates or peels off instantly, and effectively removes the surface layer or the coating of the object at high speed, thereby achieving a cleaner surface.

It is a new technology based on the interactions and effects of laser and matter. This is different from any traditional mechanical cleaning methods that involve chemical and ultrasonic cleaning (wet cleaning process). It doesn’t need any broken CFC organic solvents that deplete the ozone layer. It doesn’t pollute the environment and emits no sound. It is also not harmful to the human body.

Advantages of Laser Cleaning

  1. Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly cleaning method that does not need to use any chemicals or cleaning fluids that might harm the environment.
  2. It is a non-contact cleaning method that effectively protects the workpiece.
  3. Laser cleaning can remove different types of pollutants on the surfaces of various materials, achieving cleaning that cannot be done by conventional methods. It can also selectively clean the pollutants on the surface of the material without damaging the original surface.
  4. Laser cleaning is highly efficient. It cuts down the cleaning process significantly and can be integrated into robots with a high degree of automation.

Scan Lens and Laser Cleaning Modules

WOE provides scan lenses and laser cleaning modules for various kinds of laser cleaning systems.

Figure 1. Scan Lenses for Laser Cleaning
Part NumbersWavelengthFLSingle/
Dual Axis
SL-1064-100×10-170Q-D10-LC1030-1090nm170mm100 x 10mm10mm212.9mmFused
SL-1064-100×10-170Q-D20-LC1030-1090nm170mm100 x 10mm20mm222.7mmFused
Table 1. Scan Lenses Specifications for Laser Cleaning
Figure 2. Laser Cleaning Modules
Part NumbersWavelengthFLBeam
Table 2. Laser Cleaning Module Specifications

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