Laser Attenuators

  • Laser Attenuators (Polarization Insensitive)
  • Polarizing Laser Attenuators

Part No.Wavelength (nm)Clear Aperture (mm)Attenuation RangeOptimizationDimensions (mm)
ATTN-3553552.0-10.05% - 95%Transmission88 x 93.5 x 79
ATTN-5325322.0-10.05% - 95%Transmission88 x 93.5 x 79
ATTN-106410642.0-10.05% - 95%Transmission88 x 93.5 x 79
ATTN-940094002.0-10.05% - 95%Transmission80x 84 x 95
ATTN-10600106002.0-10.05% - 95%Transmission80 x 84 x 95
ATTP-35535514.00.5% - 95%Transmission78 x 87 x 75
ATTP-53253214.00.5% - 95%Transmission78 x 87 x 75
ATTP-1064106414.00.5% - 95%Transmission78 x 87 x 75

  • Laser Attenuator (Polarization Insensitive)

Laser-Optics-Laser-AttenuatorLaser Attenuator Diagram

A laser attenuator is an optical device capable of reducing the optical power or intensity of the incoming laser beam. This is especially useful for laser sources with fixed output powers. There are both fixed and variable laser attenuators depending on the intended attenuation required. Variable attenuators are readily available with either manual adjustment or motorized adjustment. The laser attenuator in no way affects the direction of the beam propagation after attenuation.     

  • Polarizing Laser Attenuator

Laser Optics Polarizing Laser AttenuatorPolarizing Laser Attenuator Diagram

Precision laser applications require fine power control. A variable attenuator with a large dynamic range and precision control is designed to fulfill this purpose. It is suitable for intensity attenuation over a wavelength range from UV to IR.

  • Laser Attenuator (Polarization Insensitive)

Item No.: ATTN-10600-WC-V1
Wavelength: 10.6μm
Clear Aperture: Up to 19mm (Customizable)
Transmission Range: 10 – 90%
Damage Threshold: 1MW/cm^2
Resolution: 5%

  • Polarizing Laser Attenuator

Wavelength: 355/532/1064nm
Type: Transmission Mode
Clear Aperture: 14mm
Beam Shift: 0.5mm
Extinction Ratio: >200:1
Attenuation Range: 0.5%-95%
Damage Threshold: >5J/cm2@1064nm, 20ns, 20Hz
Weight: <300g

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