Laser Lamp


Product TypePart NumberLaser MachineBrand
Laser LampLLX-S1311Flashlamp for sharplan Ruby 5000SHARPLAN
Laser LampLLX-737Laser Lamp for Lumenis Erbium, with red/black wireLUMENIS
Laser LampLL-NL7202Fotona QX Max Flash LampFOTONA
Laser LampLLXF1265FLaser Lamp for Fotona Fidelis (1J)FOTONA
Laser LampLLK-S7060Laser Lamp for Fotona Fidelis (1J)FOTONA
Laser LampLL-SXF1265FFlash Lamp, Fidelis/DualisFOTONA
Laser LampLL-S7060Flash Lamp, Fidelis M320AFOTONA
Laser LampLLK-S9551Cynosure, ApogeeCYNOSURE
Laser LampLLK-S7716Continuum Surelite II, Powerlite 7010, 7020, 7030, 8010 (oscillator), 203-0035CONTINUUM / QUANTEL U.S.A
Laser LampLLK-S8047Laser Lamp for Medilite IV, Continuum 203-0032 model: hoya/con-bioCONTINUUM
Laser LampLL-S8047Flash Lamp, FI711-09, C6CON-BIO
Laser LampLLK-S8511Laser Lamp for Candela model: GentlelaseCANDELA LASER

Laser Lamp Diagram

We provide the solid-state laser industry with a comprehensive selection of laser lamps available. All lamps provide optimum performance and reliability. The product codes of the laser lamps are arranged accordingly to their use in the various types of laser machines in the industry.

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