Laser Optics Laser Accessory

Laser Accessory

  • Optics Cleaning Kit
  • Laser Lamp/Eyewear
  • Laser Safety Shutter
  • Laser Conversion Card
  • Acousto-Optic Q-Switch

Laser Accessory Optics Cleaning Kit

  • Air Blower
  • Alcohol Bottle
  • Conversion Card - 5 pcs
  • Cotton Swab - 5 pcs
  • 10X Eyepiece
  • Finger Holster - 10 pcs
  • Lens Paper - 5 pcs
  • Storage Box
  • Testing Paper - 5 pcs

Laser Accessory Laser Lamp

Product TypePart NumberLaser MachineBrand
Laser LampLLX-S1311Flashlamp for sharplan Ruby 5000SHARPLAN
Laser LampLLX-737Laser Lamp for Lumenis Erbium, with red/black wireLUMENIS
Laser LampLL-NL7202Fotona QX Max Flash LampFOTONA
Laser LampLLXF1265FLaser Lamp for Fotona Fidelis (1J)FOTONA
Laser LampLLK-S7060Laser Lamp for Fotona Fidelis (1J)FOTONA
Laser LampLL-SXF1265FFlash Lamp, Fidelis/DualisFOTONA
Laser LampLL-S7060Flash Lamp, Fidelis M320AFOTONA
Laser LampLLK-S9551Cynosure, ApogeeCYNOSURE
Laser LampLLK-S7716Continuum Surelite II, Powerlite 7010, 7020, 7030, 8010 (oscillator), 203-0035CONTINUUM / QUANTEL U.S.A
Laser LampLLK-S8047Laser Lamp for Medilite IV, Continuum 203-0032 model: hoya/con-bioCONTINUUM
Laser LampLL-S8047Flash Lamp, FI711-09, C6CON-BIO
Laser LampLLK-S8511Laser Lamp for Candela model: GentlelaseCANDELA LASER

Laser Lamp Diagram

We provide the solid-state laser industry with a comprehensive selection of laser lamps available. All lamps provide optimum performance and reliability. The product codes of the laser lamps are arranged accordingly to their use in the various types of laser machines in the industry.

Laser Accessory Laser Eyewear

Product TypePart NumberHighest ODColourVLTApplicable LasersMaterial
Laser EyewearLV-F01.T5K07.5000OD 7+ @740 - 770 nm & 1000 - 1600 nmBlue-Green0.61,4,5,7,9,11,12,14Thin-Film-Coated Glass
Laser EyewearLV-F01.T5K11.5000OD 7+ @800 - 860 nm & 1000 - 1600 nmClear0.61,4,5,8,11,12,14Nanospec / Thin-Film-Coated Glass
Laser EyewearLV-F07.P5E01.5000OD 7+ @190 - 315 nmOrange0.42,8,12Polycarbonate
Laser EyewearLV-F07.P5K01.5000OD 7+ @1060 - 1090 nmGreen0.14,6,10,12,14Polycarbonate
Laser EyewearLV-F07.P5H01.5000OD 7+ @980 - 1065 nmLight Green0.351,4,6,14Polycarbonate
Laser EyewearLV-F14.P5E03.5000OD 7+ @690 - 710 nmBlue-Green0.456,10,13Polycarbonate
Laser EyewearLV-F14.T5K02.5000OD 7+ 1000 - 1600 nmClear0.713,4,5,6,7,9,11,12Glass
Laser EyewearLV-F14.T5K11.5000OD 7+ @800 - 860 nm & 1000 - 1600 nmClear0.61,4,5,7,11,12,14Nanospec / Thin-Film-Coated Glass
Laser EyewearLV-F20.P5E03.5000OD 7+ @690 - 710 nmBlue-Green0.456,10,13Polycarbonate
Laser EyewearLV-F22.P5H03.5000OD 7+ @660 - 775 nmBlue0.11,4,13Polycarbonate
Laser EyewearLV-F22.P5L16.5000OD 8+ @315 - 532 nm & 890 - 1064 nmBrown0.152,4,6,8,12,13,14Polycarbonate
Laser EyewearLV-F24.P5K01.5000OD 7+ 1060 - 1090 nmGreen0.14,6,10,12,14Polycarbonate

We offer a wide range of different laser safety eyewear filters with various protection and visible light transmission (VLT) levels.


  1. High optical density (OD) and visible light transmission (VLT)
  2. Long usage life due to superior scratch resistance

Below is reference for the table on applicable lasers:

  1. Alexandrite
  2. Argon
  3. CO2 (Carbon dioxide)
  4. Diode
  5. Disk
  6. Dye
  7. Er:YAG (Erbium YAG);
  8. Excimer
  9. Fiber
  10. He Ne (Helium-neon)
  11. Ho:YAG (Holmium YAG)
  12. Nd:YAG
  13. Ruby
  14. Ti:Sapphire.

Laser Accessory Laser Safety Shutter

Product TypePart NumberFor Horizontal & Vertical MountingAble To Be Mounted On An Optical TableWith a Mounting PlatePosition IndicatorBoxed
Laser ShutterSH-10
Laser ShutterSH-10-M
Laser ShutterSH-10-MP
Laser ShutterSH-10-B
Laser ShutterSH-10-PI
Laser ShutterSH-10-PI-B

When the shutter is powered, the blade moves to an “ON” position and clears the path for a laser beam. When the power is turned off, the return spring of the shutter moves the blade to an “OFF” position and blocks the laser beam. The standard blade material is 0.01″ thick anodized aluminium to meet laser specifications. Other materials and thickness are available for uses like plasma, X-ray and laser light, VIS, IR and UV.

Features and advantages:

  1. Integrated return spring * 0.5″ (13mm) aperture, larger optional
  2. Small size 1.7″W x 2.3″L x 1.2″D Boxed: 1.9″W x 2.8″L x 1.3″D
  3. Low cost
  4. High reliability, long life
  5. Standard or custom blade
  6. Returns to “OFF” position with a power failure
  7. 5V, 12V or 15V, or 24V dc operation
  8. Simple drive circuit for TTL input commands
  9. Special pricing for OEM applications
  10. RoHS compliant
  11. SH series laser shutter consists of a blade mounted on a rotary solenoid with a limited rotation angle.
  • Laser Conversion Card

Laser Conversion Cards

Part NumberWavelength (nm)Dimension (mmx mm)Working Area (mm)Power Detection (/cm²)
LDT-300BG190 - 390100 x 2323 x 23100mW-10kW
LDT-007BN700 - 140085 x 5444 x 258µW-35MW
LDT-1064C780 - 830 & 870 - 107060 x 5050 x 4010W - 3kW
LDT-1064CL780 - 830 & 870 - 1070100 x 3030 x 3010W - 3kW
LDT-008TL800 - 160085 x 5454 x 421mW - 5W
LDT-1064BG800 - 1700100 x 2523 x 231mW - 10kW
LDT-1064N800 - 170050.8 x 8950.8 x 50.810mW - 100W
LDT-1064CN900 - 110060 x 4040 x 401W - 200W
LDT-1.5-5-LLOW1500 - 500086 x 5440 x 250.2 - 3.5W
LDT-1.5-5-LHIGH1500 - 500086 x 5440 x 253.5 - 8W
LDT-1.5-5-H1500 - 500086 x 5440 x 5230 - 80W (Reflection); 60 - 120W(Transmission)
LDT-5-20-LLOW5000 - 2000086 x 5440 x 250.2 - 4W
LDT-5-20-LHIGH5000 - 2000086 x 5440 x 251.5 - 8W
LDT-5-20-H5000 - 2000086 x 5440 x 5210-30W (Reflection); 25-50W (Transmission)

Conversion Card converts UV, NIR, and IR radiation into visible light by using a photon upconversion effect. It is used to detect, locate, and analyze laser beams of low, medium, and high power density lasers across the entire spectral range from UV to IR. It is also used to align optical set-ups or to locate a laser beam in an experimental set-up.

  • Economy Laser Conversion Card

Laser Accessory Laser Conversion Card

Part No.Overall Dimension (mm)Working Area (mm)Wavelength (nm)

Promoting laser safety and handling in both industrial and laboratory space, laser testing cards can be used for beam profiling, spot size gauging, and laser alignment in LEDs, fiber laser, and near IR systems. The visualization of the laser path is obscured and imperceptible at these wavelengths by the human naked eye, making our laser testing card the perfect solution for your applications.

Detectable Wavelength Range:
900nm to 1600nm (typical 904nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1550nm )

Power Threshold:
0.1W (min), 15W (max)

Laser Accessory Acousto Optic Q-Switch

  • Acousto-Optic Q-Switch
Part No:
Operation Wavelength (μm)
Beam Diameter (mm)
Working Frequency (MHz)
RF Power Output (W)
Water Cooled
50 X 2
2 axes transducers, high working efficiency
Conduction Cooled
Conduction Cooled

The Acousto-optic Q-switch is a special modulator that introduces high repetition frequency loss in the laser cavity. Rather than being continuous-wave output, it causes the output to be composed of a series of light pulses with extremely high peak power and short pulse duration.

The Q-switch allows:

  • efficient control of Q factor
  • initial pulse suppression
  • high working efficiency
  • quick and easy adjustments
  • good stability

It is used in laser engraving, scribing, cutting, fine processing
and other applications that require high laser intensities.

Wavelength: 1.064 μm
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio: ≤1.2 (Input Impedance: 50Ω)
Reflectivity: ≤0.2% (single side)
Protection: Automatic protection against high temperatures

  • RF Driver For Acousto-Optic Q-Switch
Part No:
Working Frequency
Power Output (W)
Modulation Repetition Rate (kHz)
27 ± 0.1
50 ± 3
1 ~ 50
Optional version with digital inputs available
27 ± 0.1
1 ~ 50
Dual signal outputs
40.68 ± 0.1
1 ~ 300
Compact design, DC input mode

RF Driver For Acousto-Optic Q-Switch

The RF driver is designed as a control for the acousto-optic Q-switch. It modulates the radio frequency signal and outputs it to the Q-switch.

The driver has the following characteristics:

  • Quick modulation rate
  • Convenient controls
  • Good stability
  • Special features such as first pulse suppression, automatic
  • protection and alarm
Pulse Width: 120µs
Pulse Rise Time: ≤250ns
Pulse False Time: ≤120ns
First Pulse Suppression Time: 1 - 800µs
Output Impedance: 50Ω
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio: ≤1.2 (connected to 50Ω load)
Power Supply: AC 220V ± 15%
Modulation Control Inputs: Digital TTL
Effective Level of Laser Output: High/Low (Optional)
Protection: Automatic protection against high temperatures, open circuits, and short circuits.

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