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Laser Safety Shutters

When the shutter is powered, the blade moves to an “ON” position and clears the path for a laser beam. When the power is turned off, the return spring of the shutter moves the blade to an “OFF” position and blocks the laser beam. The standard blade material is 0.01″ thick anodized aluminium to meet laser specifications. Other materials and thickness are available for uses like plasma, X-ray and laser light, VIS, IR and UV.

Product TypePart NumberFor Horizontal & Vertical MountingAble To Be Mounted On An Optical TableWith a Mounting PlatePosition IndicatorBoxed
Laser ShutterSH-10
Laser ShutterSH-10-M
Laser ShutterSH-10-MP
Laser ShutterSH-10-B
Laser ShutterSH-10-PI
Laser ShutterSH-10-PI-B

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  1. Integrated return spring * 0.5″ (13mm) aperture, larger optional
  2. Small size 1.7″W x 2.3″L x 1.2″D Boxed: 1.9″W x 2.8″L x 1.3″D
  3. Low cost
  4. High reliability, long life
  5. Standard or custom blade
  6. Returns to “OFF” position with a power failure
  7. 5V, 12V or 15V, or 24V dc operation
  8. Simple drive circuit for TTL input commands
  9. Special pricing for OEM applications
  10. RoHS compliant
  11. SH series laser shutter consists of a blade mounted on a rotary solenoid with a limited rotation angle.
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